A Collection of Cosplay #5

Hello and welcome to the long-awaited 5th instalment in the Collection of Cosplay Saga! In the time since we last did one of these, there have been many more conventions to pick the finest cosplays from including SDCC, HyperJapan, AnimeExpo, LFCC and more! As usual, we have done our best to credit everyone so click the links in the captions if you like them to see more amazing work done by that cosplayer! If you do see an image of yourself and we have not credited you just email us and if you see cosplay that you think is really awesome, just email us here and put “Cosplay” in the subject line!

Marvel Comics: Punk Spider-Gwen (Credit not found)
Marvel Cinematic Universe: Thor (Instagram: ThorOfOz)
Alice In Wonderland: Mad Hatter (Credit not found)
Metal Gear Solid: Raiden (DeviantArt: ProVoltageCosplay)
Black Butler: Ciel and Sebastian (DeviantArt: ElisaCosplay)
Overwatch: Genji (Twitter: @Pancea_Cosplay)
Overwatch: D.Va (Facebook: Julia Cosplay)
Life is Strange: Max, Chloe and Rachel (Twitter: @Reilchikawa)


Thanks for reading! Be sure to send in your submissions for a chance to show up in Collection of Cosplay #6! Header image credit can be found here, until next time folks, keep it G33k!


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