Top 5 Agents of SHIELD Episodes (SPOILERS)

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has three stunning seasons under its belt currently with a fourth releasing soon. Whilst the show has been criticised frequently, I still think that it has had some truly amazing stories with more to come soon. So ahead of the arrival of the upcoming season, I decided to count down my picks for the five best episodes from its three seasons so far. This list will contain spoilers for both the general storyline of the show and major spoilers for the episodes I mention.


5: Spacetime (Season 3 Episode 15)

Spacetime is a great example of how SHIELD can make a story that exists really well as its own thing, but also fit into the larger cannon and explore more of themes that have been present for the entire season. It goes a way to explaining the vision of a terrible death shown to the audience early on in the season, this is thanks to the Inhuman called Hinton who has the ability to show visions of the future to people he touches. This produces an interesting moral drama as the agents try to use visions of the future to plan ahead to fight the ancient Inhuman Hive, leading to one of the greatest sequences in the show as they repeat the same fight over and over again to prepare for the final battle at the end of the episode, ending with the heartbreaking death of Hinton and a shocking revelation for Daisy.


4: What They Become (Season 2 Episode 10)

This was the episode that changed the tone of the show for the better. It introduced the Inhumans without showing that they were Inhumans, it had the death of a series regular (#RIPTrip #PrayForTrip #JusticeForTrip) and the shocking transformation of another. This was the moment we realised that Skye was actually Daisy Johnson AKA leader of the Secret Warriors, Quake. The episode also finally saw Skye meet her father, Coulson finally killing the HYDRA leader Daniel Whitehall and just generally felt like it was the payoff for a lot of storylines during season 2. With standout performances from Kyle MacLachlan as Cal Johnson and Ruth Negga as the ever creepy Raina this stands out as a great introduction to the Inhuman race and feels like the moment season 2 really found its pace.


3: FZZT (Season 1 Episode 6)

FitzSimmons is a ship that I have stood with since episode 1. So when the first episode to feature them as the main roles appeared, I was hyped. Yet I was foolish, I did not realise the emotional hellfire I was opening myself up to. This is one of only two times ever I have actually shed tears watching a TV show, both were watching Agents of SHIELD. For the first half, this episode is not that exciting. It follows the agents as they look for a Chitauri helmet that kills those who touch it. The first emotional gut-punch is when Coulson has a heart to heart with a firefighter who he knows is going to die after touching the helmet, this scene is honestly so touching and tragic because Coulson knows death. Then it gets worse. Simmons touched the helmet, Fitz tries everything to save her to no avail. After an emotional talk, Simmons decides to jump from the plane to prevent herself from exploding. Whilst she is saved, this is one of the standout emotional moments in the show.


2: 4722 Hours (Season 3 Episode 5)

This episode is often considered by many to be one of the best episodes in the show ever, I would have to agree. This one-woman show is astonishing, led almost entirely by Gemma Simmons, this episode has heart and soul as she spends 4722 hours trapped on an alien world. The blue-tone scenes are breathtaking as Simmons (and Will) fight against a mysterious alien to survive. Even though I am one of the biggest FitzSimmons shippers ever, I felt drawn to the charisma between Will and Gemma, making it even more tragic as Fitz saves Gemma, leaving Will on the alien world. The final shot of the episode as Fitz looks so utterly broken at the fact that Gemma chose Will over him is one of the saddest moments in this episode, perhaps even the entire season.


1: Parting Shot (Season 3 Episode 13)

I know, I put an episode that doesn’t heavily feature the main team as the number one spot. Fight me. This episode was an emotional rollercoaster with a tearjerker ending but still felt like it helped the story progress in major ways. This episode marked the departure of series regulars Lance Hunter and Bobbi Morse. They find themselves captured and are being interrogated about their connections to the believed disbanded SHIELD. The team try everything to get them out and that’s why the moment when they chose to leave the team to hide its existence even more tragic. I am not ashamed to say I shed a tear or two in the final scene as the agents, not permitted to say a word, raise shots from across a bar to Hunter and Morse. With superb acting from Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood as Morse and Hunter respectively, this gritty and emotional spy drama is everything SHIELD should have been from episode 1. That’s why this is the finest episode of the show so far.

So those were my picks for the top five episodes of Agents of SHIELD! Do you agree with what I picked? What were your top 5 episodes? Tell us in the comments below or by tweeting us @G33kP0p! Until next time, keep it G33k!


One thought on “Top 5 Agents of SHIELD Episodes (SPOILERS)

  1. The entire Hydra arc at the end of season 1 (I know it is cheating, but those last five or six episodes belong together), The second episode of season 3 when everyone worked together to pull Simmons back (I was on the edge of my seat during that scene), The season two season finale (in general the season finales are worth so much), the midseason two episodes finale of season 3 (poor Fitz, having to listen to Jemma getting tortures), and the episode in which Ward kidnaps his brother in season 2.


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