Top 5 Creepiest Vocaloid Songs

Trigger Warning: The following list contains songs that involve unsettling content that may upset or offend any normal person. This post contains mentions of paedophilia, child abuse, sexual abuse, graphic violence, self-harm and suicide. 

Reader Discretion is Advised.

Vocaloid is a genre of music from Japan that revolves around the use of a digital program to great the music, not in the style of western electronic music, but with full vocals. Often holograms are used to allow this digital music to have a personality, many of which are often idolised by fans across the world. With Vocaloid growing in popularity outside of Japan, I decided (being a huge Vocaloid nerd myself) to count down 5 of the less than innocent songs from the world of Vocaloid!

5: Kagamine Rin – Pantsu Nugeru mon (I Can’t Take Off My Panties)

This is essentially the story of a girl who wants to have sex, but her parents won’t let her. This has all kinds of connotations varying from hints to the girl being underage to abuse. Whilst it is never said that sex is involved the desire to take off her underwear and get the freedom does imply something beyond just going commando.

4: Kagamine Len – Pure Love Restraint

This is yandere in its purest form. The song details a story of a boy who is in love with a girl, but he keeps torturing her in vile ways with every time she does anything that annoys him. From cutting up her face to gouging out her eyes, this shows how messed up the whole idea of yandere is. The implication is that the boy kills her at the end so that she will be forever loyal to him. If this is something you like, consider watching some of the following things: School Days, Yandere Simulator Gameplay or even the wall of a padded cell you messed up freak.

3: IA – Revenge Syndrome

This one feels like someone took everything messed up about Vocaloid and just shoved it into a blender to make this bizarre murder-filled tale of a bullied girl who basically kills a tonne of people in revenge. With hints towards self-harm and even suicide, this one is actually hard to watch. It is without a doubt one of the darkest Vocaloid songs out there and not for the faint of heart. This is messed up.

2: Gumi – Rampaging Lolitaholic

For all you innocent folk who didn’t see red flags (or police sirens) just after reading the title of this song, it’s about lolicon. As in paedophilia. Whilst so much of this song seems kinda innocent on the surface, the random cuts to red tinted scenes and lines about the protagonist’s desire for the underage person as being “a crime”, show it to be otherwise. This song is all kinda wrong and really earns a spot this high up on the list of shame.

1: Luka & Hatsune Miku – Kagome, Kagome

This is one of the most unsettling things I have ever heard. It’s scary. The story is a bunch of kids are being experimented on, they lure more people in and they all get tortured, cut up and killed. All the children who were luring other children in, all died. Everyone dies. The repeating of the word “circle” in sinister tones makes this nightmare fuel, the video for it is sickening and gory. There is nothing nice about this song, don’t watch it. We have had abuse, murder, suicide and paedophiles in this list, but this tops everything.

I’m off to pour bleach in my eyes because this was horrible, if you want to see more Vocaloid content then drop a like on this post or suggest some lists you want to see down in the comments below or on our Twitter @G33kP0p. Did you agree with what I picked? Do you know any Vocaloid songs that would make these ones seem tame? Tell me in the comments and until next time, keep it G33k!




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