G33k P0p TV Club: Stranger Things Episode 2 (Spoilers)

Welcome back to Episode 2 of the G33k P0p TV Club! This week we sat down to watch the second episode of Netflix’s Stranger Things and tell you all about it! Discordia, Joshtie and RadicalTey are here to bring you their thoughts on the second episode! So this does contain SPOILERS for Episodes 1 and 2! Read ahead at your own risk! 


What was the best moment in this week’s episode?

I liked the flashback that Eleven had since it really started to hint towards the origins of the show’s most mysterious character. The fact that she was obviously tortured really adds a hint of depth to the character, something this show really seems to need to add more of.

I think the best moment of this weeks’ episode was the scene where the men in clean-room suits were exploring the garden of a country house. The tense music was great and the traditional horror setting gave a classic horror vibe that I really enjoyed.

I really liked when Wills mum went into his room after the telephone call when the music was playing and the lights were flickering, and then something pushes through the wall. It was unexpected and made me jump when the music had already put us on edge.


What moment really shocked you this week?

I was shocked by the entire party scene. Since it really showed characters emerging and developing. With the really creepy bits with Will’s brother taking the photos, that seems like it could be important in the future. Plus that last shock with Barb was one I did not expect.

I was shocked at the death of Benny, due to the fact that it just popped up, and I didn’t know much about it, then the other events of the episode carried on. This event was just a surprise.

Maybe shocked is not the right word but the relationship between Will and his brother surprised me, I think I expected that although obviously, they are brothers so love each other I thought perhaps their relationship would be a bit more agreement active but we are shown a very loving a caring older brother through the flashbacks, trying to protect his younger brother from the breakup of their parents marriage.


Which character was the real MVP in this episode and why?

I would say that Will’s mother is the MVP. Since she really drives the plot with her desperate search for her son, she seems to be developing into a strong character as she really presses hard looking for Will.

I would say that Mike was the real MVP this episode, while he went against the ideas of his friends, we really see a mature side of him, despite him being so young him and also his friends have just as much of a presence as the adult characters.

I think Wills brother Jonathan is the MVP, he knows where Nancy and Barbara really were when they said they were at the school and has pictures of them.


How does this episode rank up compared to the previous episodes?

This one felt a tad slow compared to the last, with fewer elements of horror. This felt very much like it was trying to expand the story rather than add drama, however, thankfully it succeeded in both drama and exposition. I hold this one equal to the last.

I preferred this episode over the previous, it was much more interesting with characters such as Eleven, who gave us a whole new side to the story.

I enjoyed this episode, although not as fast paced as the first episode I really liked spending time getting to know more about Eleven, I like the character that is being shown as both vulnerable and naive but at the same time fierce and strong.


How do you think the next episodes will pan out?

I think there will be a conflict between the “Bad People” Eleven mentioned and the boys. Since they cannot hide her forever and I do think there will be some form of confrontation between either the bad people or the police.

I don’t think that we’ll find out what happened to Will yet, but I think we’ll see much more about the story of Eleven, and possibly more deaths and incidents involving other characters

Whilst the boys are pre-occupied with Eleven I think Jonathan will be the driving force behind the investigation into Will’s disappearance and his photographs will be very important.


Any criticisms of this episode?

I felt like the lack of horror themes in the episode really did make it feel tonally like a different show, which is a shame since I’m a massive horror fan and really found the first episode to be very good from a horror aspect. However, I feel like the few horror sequences were executed very well.

I didn’t like how the episode kept going from one scene to another so quickly, if we saw one setting or scene, then we didn’t see it for long, which made things a little more difficult tomorrow. The main problem with the episode was too many things going on at once.

Although I enjoyed getting to know some of the characters better and looking at their relationships this episode had much less action. I am also naturally anxious to find out more about what is hunting them all. I still don’t like Nancy and her boyfriend!


Thanks for reading our thoughts on the second episode of the amazing Stranger Things! If you wanna watch Stranger Things with us each week, you can get a free trial with us for one month! So that means you can watch the next four episodes along with us, or just binge it all at once! Click HERE to sign up for a free month of Netflix today! Literally, nobody tweeted us with #G33kP0pTVClub so there is nothing from the readers to show! Comment down below what you thought of episode 2! Until next time, keep it G33k.


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