American Horror Story: Roanoke Episode 1 Review (Spoilers)

I was not planning to write a review of this show but it was far too good. So with so much new TV in the next few months, we have decided to really push with the TV Reviews. So my American Horror Story reviews will not be on Mondays normally, it was only because this was a last minute thing. After this, AHS Reviews will be every Thursday Evening. So that means you get TWO American Horror Story reviews in one week! You lucky folks. This will contain some spoilers for episode 1 of American Horror Story Season 6.

I went off AHS after the 3rd season, I felt it became too camp and too over the top. The storylines became silly and not scary, this peaked with Hotel. It was one of the dumbest seasons in the show’s history, there was barely anything redeemable about it. Yet after watching the intriguing marketing behind season 6, I felt compelled to watch it. I am glad I did.


Image result for american horror story roanoke
Shelby (Sarah Paulson) and Matt (Cuba Gooding Jr) both make very likeable protagonists.


This season is told in a very different format to the previous ones, this takes the form of a documentary with actors retelling the story being told by actors telling a story. So the story is being narrated by Lily Rabe and Andre Holland playing Shelby and Matt respectively as they tell their stories of a terrible series of events that happened to them after buying a new house. These events are shown to us in the form of a dramatisation with Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding Jr also playing Shelby and Matt.

One main problem with the “true story” method of telling the story is that every time we see a character giving interviews, it essentially confirms they live to the end of the season. Main character deaths are a big deal in AHS and this feels like it adds a safety net to the storyline which in horror, is something you should never do. However this does not take away from the horror vibes in the episode, there are a lot of very tense moments and a number of perfectly executed jump scares. For example, the scene with Shelby in the hot tub is one of the best scenes in the episode because you know something will happen and it still serves as a shock when mysterious figures drag Shelby into the water.

Matt installnThis episode was brilliantly the dark, there was so much mystery surrounding it and the final scene with the mysterious village people was one of the best set-ups for the next episode. The new style is one I instantly liked and the performances from Sarah Paulson and newcomer Cuba Gooding Jr were both stunning and dramatic, with Paulson providing her usual weird vibes for the show. I cannot wait to see the where this season goes and I have a few theories about the theme and how maybe the characters narrating the events are not as safe as it seems. Is this another trick from the amazing marketing for the season? Only time will tell, but overall this is one of the strongest episodes in a long time for the show and I really liked it and cannot find anything really at fault with it.


Image result for american horror story roanoke
The CCTV that Matt installs feels like it will be very important in the future.


American Horror Story airs Wednesday nights at 10pm on FX in the US, there is no UK airdate right now. My reviews for each episode will be every Thursday night and starting next week I will also be reviewing Scream Queens’ second season every Wednesday night. For more awesome reviews and TV news, keep it G33k!


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