Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 1 Review (Spoilers)

Last night, Fox’s excellent horror/comedy Scream Queens returned for its second season and it was one of the best episodes of anything I have watched in a long time. So I decided to review it! This review will contain full spoilers for this episode and the entire first season of the show.

This episode did nothing but improve on the first season. It was funny and crude, but also clever and creepy. There were some moments in this episode I found to be honestly unsettling, for example in the opening scenes, two doctors dump a patient into a swamp to avoid having to deal with his illness. Despite this scene serving as a very funny moment and one of the key scenes in setting up the presumed villain, the Green Meanie, it still felt very much like something out of a horror movie.


Image result for scream queens season 2 episode 1
The Chanels make a welcome return for season 2.


It seems like Dean Munsch is the key driving force this season as she is the one running the hospital that hires both Zayday and the Chanels. I felt like last season she was underused and the focus was too much on the less interesting characters like Grace and Pete. Both of whom are absent from this season. New additions of Doctor Holt  (John Stamos) and Doctor Cascade (Taylor Lautner) are welcomed and they both each add a distinct mystery to the plot that will no doubt become pivotal later on.

The plot for the second season is somewhat unclear after the first episode, the show spends about half of the episode explaining what happened in the three-year gap between the events of this season and the last. Then the rest of the episode is essentially spent setting up future events. However, this is normal for the first episode of any show and can be easily forgiven. The sassy wit of the Chanels is still just as engaging and funny as it was in the last season, if not better. This serves to make even the most blatant exposition bearable.


Image result for scream queens season 2 episode 1
Dean Munsch seems to have a sinister motive for opening the hospital.


The show does include a fair bit of social commentary with jokes being made about Zika and Bill Cosby, the latter of which perhaps crossed a line in my opinion. Yet the characters are making so many witty quips and snide remarks that it becomes honestly hard to be offended at any of the more risky jokes because you are already in hysterics over the next.

Overall, this episode is a great start to what feels like it will be a great season. I cannot wait to see where Scream Queens’ second season goes, this episode took everything that made the first season great and built upon it to make one of the funniest shows on TV right now. This is essentially American Horror Story plus Mean Girls with a pinch of Deadpool. Season 1 is out on DVD/Blu-Ray on September 26th and Season 2 continues Tuesday nights at 9/8c on Fox in the US with no sign of a UK release just yet. For your fix of TV Reviews, keep it G33k.


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