Flashback Feature: Food Wars! (2012) [AD]

Full disclosure: The following article is a paid promotional feature from Crunchyroll.

We haven’t had a Flashback Feature for a little while but thanks to the awesome folks at Crunchyroll we can feed our anime nostalgia with a look at the classic first season of Food Wars!

Food Wars tells the story of Soma Yukihira who dreams of becoming the top chef in his father’s restaurant/diner and becoming an even better cook than his father. When his father suddenly closes the restaurant to take a new job he sends Soma an elite culinary school where only 10% of the students graduate.

From the start, he is determined to prove himself to his renowned father and sets his sights on becoming one of the elite 10, the top graduates of the school. This leads him into many adventures, culinary battles and introduces him to lots of amazing new friends. Soma is a very character, a little arrogant but funny and kind and a fantastic main antagonist.

The animation is fast paced and lively, switching between the colourful characters, their chibi versions and the food which looks so realistic you could almost smell it. The descriptions of the dishes are so detailed they are almost recipes that you could go and attempt yourself – if you could tear yourself away from the story!

The story is by turns touching, dramatic and hilarious (the tasting scenes are tasty bites of comedy) and what on the surface might sound like a shallow premise for a story draws you in and you are soon caring for the characters. The events are built to keep you hungry and you can’t help coming back for just one more bite.


The end credits are a funny parody of the iconic Last Supper.
Food Wars is a fun story with subtle emotion making it a must for any anime fan. I recommend everyone clicks HERE to get a free trial of Crunchyroll Premium and binge on a banquet of new and classic anime right now.


Much love to the folks at Crunchyroll for helping make this article possible, they remain the most awesome anime streaming site with all the best anime out there, including Food Wars season one, the ongoing season two, Attack on Titan, Naruto and much more.

Bon Appetite!


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