Scream Queens Season 2 Episode 2 Review (Spoilers)

Scream Queens’ second episode was much better than the first, not that there was anything wrong with the first one. Many major questions from the last episode (and even one from last season) are answered or started to be answered. Plus, this episode sees a number of characters from the last season make their returns and adds a good amount of horror elements that were missing from the last episode. This will contain spoilers for every episode of Scream Queens aired up until this point.

First up, one of the biggest mysteries last season was how did the Red Devil return to haunt Chanel in the asylum. This is explained as that being Chad pranking her, he makes a spectacular entry into this season when he arrives in full Red Devil costume to prank Chanel again at the hospital. It turns out that the reason behind his visit to the hospital was that a friend of his is suffering from an illness that makes him scream a lot.

Despite the utterly ridiculous name, the Green Meanie is something of a very formidable enemy this season and he is the person(?) behind much of the horror this episode and they also star in an astonishing fight sequence as Doctor/Dean Cathy Munsch is attacked and in similar fashion to her fight with the Red Devil last season, she takes down the Green Meanie but he gets away right before she is able to discover who is behind the mask.


Image result for scream queens season 2
This makes me feel uncomfortable in so many ways.


However, the episode does feel almost slow. Despite a number of honestly shocking moments, it still feels like they are setting up. Much of the episode was spent being re-introduced to familiar characters and thus we missed out on time that would have been better spent actually getting through the story of the season. One thing that was revealed that could have big implications later on, is that Cathy Munsch is dying of a terminal illness and that serves as her motivation for opening the hospital.

The episode also has a pretty big emotional moment after Chanel #5 starts to fall in love with a patient who has a body covered in tumours. When he thinks that she pushed his operation to remove the tumours to an earlier date, he discovers that this is actually a plot by the Green Meanie to kill him. Unfortunately, despite the best efforts of #5, he still dies. This is one of the rare moments that this show hits you with an actual real emotional punch.


Image result for scream queens season 2
One of the funniest scenes in the episode.


One of the standout funniest moments in the episode is when Doctor Holt and Chad spend a scarily long amount of time naked together in the shower arguing over who is having sex with Chanel because right now Doctor Holt is dating her, much to the annoyance of Chad. The entire scene is over the top and really weird but stands out as one of the funniest scenes in the season so far.

I am still enjoying this season, this episode had room to improve but was by no means bad. I think that the season will only get better from here on out and I cannot wait to see that. Honestly, I just enjoy being able to write Green Meanie so often. Scream Queens airs Tuesday nights on Fox and our reviews are every Wednesday. Keep it G33k!




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