Flashback Feature: Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

Hello again readers, this week I finally managed to decide on a Flashback Feature without fair amounts of trouble, and this week’s flashback will be somewhat different, being on the mainly multiplayer Zombie FPS, Left 4 Dead 2.

Left 4 Dead 2 is the sequel to 2008’s Left 4 Dead, featuring new content and characters, as well as all the original missions/multiplayer modes and characters, making the game instantly more popular than the first, and in my opinion, better and more fun.

Firstly, LD42 (we’ll refer to it as this from now on) introduced us to some new and, let’s face it, more interesting characters than what we saw in Left 4 Dead. The game introduces us to Ellis, Rochelle, Coach and Nick, which have some more humourous and funny personalities compared to the characters from Left 4 Dead. Also we get a new setting, which takes us down to the Deep south, with swamps, hotels, forests, shopping malls and a lot more, each level is heavily based on teamwork, and can be a challenge if you don’t work together, which makes the multiplayer a lot more interesting.

L4D2’s gameplay, while very fun, is virtually no different to the original

However, this heavy need for teamwork can also mean that unless you communicate or play with friends, then sometimes you and your teammates can end up losing and having to try again. There are plenty of different skill levels and scenarios with different difficulties meaning there’s something for every player, but it can be still pretty hard to stay on top of killing all the zombie hoards, keeping your team alive and having enough ammo, so, as if it was real life, tactics are important and not everything is easy, which makes the game fun and interesting.


Also, the different special zombie types introduced into L4D2 give the game more diversity, while there’s still Smokers, Boomers, Tanks and the original special zombie types, we are introduced into the Spitter, Jockey and more in L4D2, these make the combat a lot more interesting and exciting, due to more diversity in tactics that you would need to use.

Teamwork is vital to playing well in L4D2.


What really makes L4D2 much better is the fact that it’s basically Left 4 Dead with DLC, with an add on, you can still use the old content, and you get a whole new wave of characters, maps, etc. What is also nice to have in L4D2 is the crossover with the characters from Left 4 Dead within L4D2, in this level you have to help them lower the bridge, and this also gives us some funny and interesting voice interactions between the characters from both games, which gives a little humour to a more serious game. While the combat mechanics and graphics are relatively unchanged, and while we have yet to see a Left 4 Dead 3, L4D2 is still very fun to play and doesn’t have many problems at all.

I definitely recommend you pick it up on Steam, its worth the money.


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