Dissecting the Logan Trailer: An In Depth Analysis (Potential Spoilers)

Yesterday we saw our first look at what looks like it could be one of the biggest movies of 2017, obviously, I mean Logan, the final movie starring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. The minute and a half long trailer showed us a surprising amount and so I thought that it would be a good idea to take a much closer look into the trailer and some of the other promo images we have seen so far. This may contain spoilers, I don’t know yet since this is all speculation, but if I’m right, then yeah this is spoilers.

The trailer opens with a shot of Logan’s hand shaking, there is a pile of mud in the background which ties into the final shot of the trailer with Logan and X23 digging a grave. 
This is our first look at the sort of environment Logan is living in, this contrasts with the mansion he was in during the epilogue of DOFP.
Logan looks heavily scarred by this point and whilst he doesn’t seem too much older, he does look tired and exhausted.
The movie is probably based on the 2008 limited series Old Man Logan by Mark Millar. But since that book features a number of characters owned by Marvel Studios, it will probably be changed to mainly just get inspiration from the book.



This is an odd shot, it contrasts anything else in the trailer and is on of the visually darkest points. 
Logan is wearing a suit at what looks like a funeral. This could be for Professor X, I will go onto how I think he ends up dead a little later.
We have seen what looks like either before or after the funeral from filming photos that were leaked, in these shots we do see Charles which hints towards this being the funeral of someone else.
This is odd, since we are used to seeing Logan healing quick with no real consequences, seeing him injured is striking.
The fact that he has scars is important, this implies that he got injured and couldn’t heal. Notice how the two uppermost scars are parallel to each other, perhaps X23?
We see that in the sink there are a few nails and other metal items, plus we also see that Logan now has a phone.
Some suggested that this was Cerebro, I doubt that since it wouldn’t have been easy to move. I think this is the inside of the silo we saw earlier.
Seeing a weaker Charles is a really sad shot of the trailer, he looks utterly helpless here. 
For me, this confirms that Charles is living inside this silo. Logan seems to be bringing him something, maybe food.
We have seen the silo before, this is a shot released on the movie’s Instagram account. If you look in the background you can see one of the cars we saw in the funeral scene. Perhaps this is just after Charles dies?
This is our introduction to X23, if you look at the windows it is clear that this is the inside of the building opposite the silo, either Logan’s home, or some kind of workshop.
One would assume that this shot of Logan in a car is connected to the shots we see later, but notice that he is again wearing the funeral suit, perhaps this is him in the car we saw in the Instagram shot.
Our first good look at X23 aka Laura Kinney. She is here played by Dafne Keen, we have seen her before in the leaked filming photos earlier this year. Obviously, she seems too young right now to become All-New Wolverine, but time travel has been used in X-Men movies before and is a regular feature in the comics.
Image result for x23
In the comics, X23 was created using samples of Logan’s DNA. She was made to be essentially a weapon for hire by a company trying to replicate the works of the Weapon X program. Her mother was Dr Sarah Kinney who gave Laura her name and helped her escape, at the cost of her own life.
Image result for all new wolverine
X23 was found by Logan and brought to Charles Xavier’s school, where she joined the New X-Men then later joined her adopted father in X-Force, a team that used lethal means to protect mutants. After Logan died, she took up the mantle of Wolverine and is currently a member of the All-New X-Men team with the original team from the 60s, a teenage clone of Apocalypse and Oya as they travel the US in a VW Camper.
The car that you can see just behind Logan looks a lot like one of the Federal Policia cars we see in the next shot. 
Are the Federal Polica working with the Reavers? Since later shots show the group working with police, it would seem to be the case.
This is Caliban, played by Stephen Merchant. His powers allow him to find mutants, so it is possible he will either be working with the Reavers to find Logan or X23, or working with Logan to find more mutants to help him.



This image of Caliban was released by Stephen Merchant on his Instagram, it is the one the confirms that this was him in the trailer, since this shot is the same costume just sans goggles.
Finally, this is a view of how Caliban will look without anything covering his face, this just looks weird. 
The tower behind X23 could be the same tower where we saw her earlier with the telescope.
Confirming that this is a different car scene to the one earlier, Logan is wearing a different outfit. 
The background here looks very much different to the one we are used to which is presumed to be Mexico, this could possibly be America based on filming photos showing Logan and Charles at a red-carpet event.
There is little context to this shot, there is also very little information to take from it besides that there seem to be wires beside Logan’s head.
The outfit Logan is wearing here is the same one he wears in a later shot of him in the forest attacking soldiers. The dog-tags are a nice callback to past movies.
This seems to show that Logan is in the workshop type area we saw earlier.
These soldiers are probably Mexican, since we saw their vehicles earlier in the trailer as they approached Logan’s house.
Same car shot as before. This might link to the filming shots where Charles and Logan are at the event, since we saw a car that was badly damaged and covered in bullet holes.
This is Boyd Holbrook as Donald Pierce, he is probably the leader of the Reavers and will probably be the main antagonist of the movie. It is worth noting that as well as leading the Reavers, in the comics he was a member of the Hellfire Club who we last saw in First Class.
Image result for @wponx
This is another shot of Pierce that was released on Instagram. It doesn’t show much more about the character.
Image result for donald pierce x men
Donald Pierce in the comics. The Reavers are also credited with creating Lady Deathstrike, who was last seen in X2, although she died in that movie, this is set in the rebooted timeline so an appearance from her is unlikely but not out of the question.
Notice the police car is American, not Mexican. Plus the lighting is different which may hint towards this scene being set elsewhere. Probably later in the movie since Pierce is wearing something different.
This scene where everything is shaking was hard to screenshot, but I think this is where Charles’ powers go out of control. This has been teased in a leaked synopsis a while ago.
This gives us a better look at the silo, I cannot tell if that is Charles that Logan is carrying but Logan does seem to be again wearing the funeral suit. Perhaps this is after Charles dies?
This was the scene that made me realise that this was not a superhero movie. This movie is going to be something totally new.
There is a look of real sadness in Charles’ eyes. I’m not sure why.
This shows a great deal of trust for Logan to fall asleep here. It shows that he is probably aware of Laura’s powers by now and feels safe with her watching him.
With most of the shots so far being exterior, this one stands out. Harsh white lighting and modern design makes me think this could be the place where the Reavers are based.
This could hint towards the Reavers looking for X23 rather than Logan. Perhaps they played a part in creating her.
Here we see the Reavers working with the Mexican police, the guy standing just behind Pierce has a Mexican flag on his arm.
We have seen the guy standing just on Logan’s left before in a shot on Instagram. He is one of the Reavers. Logan is wearing the funeral suit again here.
Image result for logan movie instagram
This was released on Instagram. It looks like this Reaver is shooting through corn fields. Since we have seen these around Logan’s house, it is safe to assume that the Reavers play some part in forcing him to flee.
Notice how the guy in the foreground is facing forward whilst everyone else in the frame is running away, this hints towards him having some significance to the plot.
Logan is wearing the same shirt from the scene with the dog-tags but now it is covered in blood. Perhaps this is a scene from early on in the movie.
Here we see vehicles that probably belong to the Reavers in the desert, not much more to say about this.
This is the most important shot in the whole trailer. It shows a tearful Logan stabbing something. But if you look behind him, there is a blue light, some plants and a wheelchair. This scene is without a doubt taking place in the silo, so my theory is that Charles’ is killed by Logan. I’m not sure why yet. 
This blink and you miss it shot is very key. It shows Logan using his claws to block other claws from his face, notice that there are two claws on each hand attacking him. These probably belong to X23. In the comics, when she smells a certain smell it can send her into a feral rage, perhaps someone sprayed this on Logan to get her to attack him.
X23 has a phone here. Plus we see the other side of Logan’s shaking hand from the opening of the trailer. This is undoubtedly the same scene.
X23 wearing sunglasses and holding the hand of Logan. He seems to be wearing the same shirt from before, but covered in blood.
Finally, the trailer ends with a shot of Logan and Laura standing over something looking sad. Notice how Logan is holding a shovel. This could be after Charles dies. Yet that does not link with the funeral scene, unless that is for someone else. 
Image result for charles xavier death
Professor X has been dead in the comics since 2013’s Avengers VS X-Men when he was killed by Cyclops who had been possessed by the Phoenix Force. 

So that was my super in-depth look at the Logan trailer. I hope this clears up any confusion about the footage. I am really hyped for this movie and I cannot wait to see how they play out what seems to be an adaptation of the amazing Old Man Logan storyline. Please drop a like if you enjoyed this post, since it took a lot of effort (and 4 hours of my life) to make! If you want more content like this, keep it G33k!


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