My Thoughts on Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location (Spoilers)

Did you think that Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 was the last one? Well, you were wrong. After playing this game, I honestly wished that 4 was the end. This game made me wish I could travel back in time to the time before I had played this game, tell myself to never ever play it, then travel back even further and pay Scott Cawthon every penny I have just so he would never release this game. This does contain spoilers for the game, I also get very angry. If you are a die-hard fan of the series, this article may be triggering for you.

It’s not like the game isn’t well made because I can respect the time and effort this game would have taken him to make. This one took a whole year. Compare this to the few months between some of the other games and that makes this game the Half-Life 3 of children’s horror games. Except unlike Half-Life, people never actually wanted this to happen. Despite my bitter hatred of this game, there are (unfortunately) some good aspects.

The gameplay feels fresh and different to the other games and you can definitely see the that the extra time has paid off, the game is totally different to the other games. With this one allowing you to actually move around the game area, rather than just sitting in a chair watching monitors. I know that this feature was added in the fourth game, but you don’t actually ever get to leave the bedroom. However, the added freedom is actually one of the game’s major shortcomings. Sister Location doesn’t seem to know what kind of game it is. You aren’t actually free to roam around the area, you just follow a series of simple tasks in different rooms. You are literally guided through the game by a robot’s voice.


Image result for five nights at freddy's sister location
The main room in the game, where (when prompted) you can torture some animatronics.


The game lacks in any real scares. Since there is a heavier focus on story, it becomes hard to fail, since you rarely have to complete one section more than once, there is little to actually scare you. The game tries to make up for this with tension in the story, but this only really works for people who care about the lore of the series. A game that uses a pre-written story to scare you can sometimes work, but it soon becomes predictable and fails to induce any form of fear. Which is a problem for a game that has literally only relied on jumpscares for horror up until this point.

Another new feature for the game was voice acting, this was very much hit and miss. The voice of Baby was wonderfully creepy and haunting, but the voice of the robot that guides you just became annoying, it was clear that he was just being used for comic relief and this game does not need that. It feels totally out of tone and the fact that the comedy is relegated to the beginning of each night just feels expected and forced. The jokes are not funny and just aim to become memes (exotic butters) that will be shared by kids, or turned into songs that promote the game.


Image result for five nights at freddy's sister location exotic butters
This isn’t funny. If you find this funny, you’re either a 12-year-old, or you need to re-evaluate your life choices.


The story is bland and unengaging. The fact that it has nothing to do with the previous games, but almost expects you to understand lore that we are just being shown, just annoys me. Overall the story is just confusing, with the character of Baby being the driving force behind a plan to either swap bodies with you or turn you into an animatronic. Then there is the character of Ennard who seems to be somewhat important but is rarely ever shown. In an alternate ending, you get fired from the job, but you find that Ennard is in your house for some reason.

There is no real challenge to the game and whilst Scott is planning to release a custom night for the game later this year, I feel it will be too late. You cannot allow customisation on a game like Sister Location, it would be like being able to decide what enemies you would and wouldn’t see in a linear game like Metal Gear Solid or The Last of Us. This game clearly tries to be more of an experience than a game, there are realistically only two ways to play this game, play it well and have no fun, or play it badly and enjoy it a little bit more. The fun of the last few games was that you could fail over and over and each time would be scary, this time you don’t want to get scared. Which would be fine, if the game didn’t cost $7.99 and was called something other than a horror game.

Overall, I hated Sister Location. This was without a doubt the worst game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise, possibly even one of the worst horror games I’ve ever spent money on. The most fun part of the entire game was a hidden minigame that was essentially just a re-skinned version of the first game. The game was barely long enough to be a proper game, whilst some have justified this in in utterly stupid ways, like this GameSkinny article where the game is claimed to just be a playable trailer for the 2018 Warner Bros movie. You cannot justify this game, this is clearly just a money-grab. If you hated this game, don’t worry, there will probably be plenty more FNAF games soon. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was another by the end of this year. The fact that this game has a 9/10 rating on Steam is just pouring salt in the wound. This game led me to the conclusion that YouTubers killed the horror game. Developers will just add the same things into a game to appeal to the audience of PewDiePie or Markiplier. Games don’t build their own audiences anymore, they just piggyback off of any YouTuber who is willing to play the game and advertise it free to their millions of loyal 12-year-old fans.


Image result for five nights at freddys sister location ending
So the game ends with you either being the host body for Baby, or becoming an animatronic. This is a mystery that I don’t want answers to. Because I don’t care.


Thanks for taking the time out of your day to read this, knowing that people read this almost compensates for the time I spent playing this game. To all the fans of FNAF who’s hands are twitching as they prepare to write a comment claiming that “I’m not a real fan of the game” or that I’m “Just a hater”, there is a comment section down below, please form an orderly queue and I will take my time to debate this game with all of you. Hopefully, there will never be any more content like this but for more similar and better stuff, keep it G33k.




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