TF2 Vs Overwatch: Old Vs New

Since the release of Overwatch and even its announcement at Blizzcon 2014, Overwatch has been hailed as a “TF2 Clone” by critics and even its players. But today I’ll be looking at how these two FPS titles square up to each other, their differences, similarities, and which one gives you more.

Since both two games are multiplayer and multiplayer-only, the community is a very important factor in deciding which game is for you. While the TF2 community is still going strong, the game has been around for 9 years and general interest in the game is, in my opinion, starting to waver. I myself have been playing TF2 for almost 2 and a half years, but by a few months ago I had lost all interest in the game, including TF2 competitive that I’d waited so long for. But with Overwatch, the game has been around for the public to access for about 5 months, so a large community is already here but is still growing. And due to this I’m sure we won’t be seeing a dying community for Overwatch soon. As well as this, the E-sports community for Overwatch is much more popular, especially with events such as the Overwatch World Cup starting soon, which will appeal to a lot of people who enjoy competitive gaming.

The E-sports Overwatch scene is already big.


But what do both games give you? I would say that TF2 gives you a lot more for the money, considering that the game has been free for some time, and due to many developer updates, has a lot more content than Overwatch. While the gamemodes in Overwatch are very like what we see in TF2, there needs to be more to it, more maps would be something that would make Overwatch a lot more fun. As well as this, TF2’s countless community servers and the ability to choose what gamemode you want to play, is much better than just going on Overwatch, selecting Quick Play and hoping to get a map/gamemode you actually like.

Unlockable items are also a big part of most games. While TF2 has unlockable weapons, unlockable weapon skins, and cosmetics, while Overwatch only has skins, it’s obvious that TF2 would take the crown for this. However, you can get every kind of unlockable in Overwatch, without spending a penny, whereas you can’t say the same for TF2’s countless amounts of cosmetics, which is a big bonus considering you pay quite a lot for the base game in the first place.

TF2 definitely has more cosmetics.


Gameplay however, is the most important aspect in helping you decide which game you like better. TF2’s gameplay is a lot of fun; all the classes have a very different range of abilities that make the game enjoyable for a long time. Overwatch also has a lot of heroes, a lot more than TF2 has, and this means that there’s a lot more diversity in the abilities that you’ll be able to use and encounter, meaning that Overwatch’s gameplay can be very different depending on what you’re doing. Whereas in TF2, you’ll get pretty much the same heroes no matter what gamemode you play, which at times can be quite boring.

Overwatch has been criticised for “stealing” from TF2, such as it’s payload gamemode.


Overall, both are amazing games, but I would have to say Overwatch is my favourite, despite me being a TF2 fanboy for so long, I finally got bored of it, and maybe that’ll be the case with Overwatch, who knows? Let us know what you think of both games in the comments below and thank you for reading!




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