The Darkest Dawn Review (Spoiler-Free)

So, recently I was sent a copy of Wildseed Studios’ new sci-fi/horror/thriller The Darkest Dawn to review. This is not a sponsored post and my opinions are non-biased, however, the movie was provided to me early. The movie stars Bethan Leadley, Cherry Wallis, Stuart Ashen, Drew Casson (who also directed the movie) and more. If you want a more in-depth article about everything that I loved about this movie and my personal theories on it, I will post an article on our partner site Discordia’s Soapbox next Sunday, but be warned, that will contain spoilers for the movie. It is out on digital HD today, we have put a link to buy it at the bottom of this post. So let’s get into this.

To start off, this movie is filmed in a very unique way. It opens with Bethan Leadley’s character Chloe being given a live streaming camera-type thing for her 16th birthday, through this camera we watch the entire plot. Because of the nature of this camera, the movie jumps around a lot, but this is not a bad thing at all. This allows for a sense of extreme tension to be created as often we are dropped right into the action with little explanation as to why.

The characters are all very well developed and interesting to watch, with every character being given motivations and backstory, this allows for the overall experience to be so much more interesting because you resonate with these characters and you want them to do well. This is helped all the more by amazing performances from Leadley, Wallis and Casson. Yet the real standout performances come from Ashen as the mysterious and dangerous Bob and Tom Scarlett as the real driving force in the movie, Adam. This movie is not afraid to show emotion from every character, this is not a Bruce Willis big action movie, this is a down to earth story about aliens invading earth.


Image result for the darkest dawn film
The Darkest Dawn is brilliantly bleak, but still manages to be fun to watch.


The heart of the movie is in the characters, though, with the way the movie is shot allowing for the audience to really feel a part of the action and every tense scene, of which there are many. The movie packs a lot of emotional punches and often crosses lines you thought it wouldn’t, this helps to keep you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire plot. Early on you realise that this movie is not afraid to break convention and that just adds to the already sky-high levels of tension and explosive action.

The one thing I did find to be disappointing about Dawn was how in the process of being so gritty and real, it often meant that we didn’t get to see enough of the nightmarish world that the movie hints at. The camera can only show so much and because we spend the whole movie looking through that, I felt like there were hints towards a much grander scale that was never acted on. I also feel that at times the jumping between scenes could have been handled a little better as there were parts where I was actually confused as to what was going on, because the scenes had jumped and we hadn’t been given context.

Image result for the darkest dawn ashens
We see the entire movie through that lens, weirdly this is the only time we see the camera itself.


Aside from that, I loved The Darkest Dawn. 2016 has been, in my opinion, a disappointing year for fans of sci-fi and horror, this movie is a glimmering beacon of goodness in a sea of bad movies. If you’re looking for a big budget Hollywood blockbuster, then this is not for you, but if you like well-developed characters, an intriguing story, dark tragedies and action that feels brutal and real, you will love Darkest Dawn. This is a masterpiece of indie British filmmaking, one of the best British sci-fi flicks since 2011’s Attack The Block. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a movie that will both excite and terrify you.

The Darkest Dawn is out today on Digital HD and you can buy it HERE. Check out the trailer for the movie down below, until next time, keep it G33k.


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