New Overwatch Animated Short Released

A new Overwatch animated short has just hit our screens for the first time since The Last Bastion in August.

This new short is our first detailed look at the new hero Sombra, and also displays a range of her different abilities which we will most likely see when Sombra is added to the Public Test Region next week.

The short is told from the perspective of Talon, the terrorist organisation of which Widowmaker, Reaper and Sombra are a part of, as they try to infiltrate what appears to be Volskaya Industries in Russia, looking for a specific target, but along the way, Sombra has some other ideas.

This short, as well as showing us Sombra’s appearance and abilities, also gives us a hint to Sombra’s personality and relationship with Widowmaker and Reaper. What I find interesting is how Sombra’s personality appears different to the more negative other Talon agents, so it will be interesting to learn about Sombra’s interactions with Talon on other characters in game, maybe the original Overwatch agents.

You can watch the short on YouTube here:


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