G33k P0p’s Top 10 Games of 2016

It’s been a brilliant year for gaming with many new and exciting releases happening this year, so this year, while making this list was a little more difficult than usual, here are G33k P0p’s Top 10 Games of 2016.

#10: Pokemon GO


The only mobile game on the list, while I’m not a big fan of Pokemon or this game in general, no one can deny that the sheer popularity of the game and innovative idea makes it one of the most notable releases of 2016. Using your phone’s GPS, and using the real world as a map to be able to hunt and catch Pokemon, this idea of this game will surely be one that we see other developers take advantage of in years to come.

#9: Final Fantasy XV


The next instalment in the huge Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy XV takes place on a huge open landmass, which is huge and makes for a great experience if you’re a fan of open-world games, with plenty to explore. As well as this, the game keeps the classic turn-based real-time battle system, which gives the game the classic final fantasy feel and makes it fun to play.

#8: Dark Souls III


Dark Souls III is an action role-playing game, played from a third-person perspective, much like the previous entries in the series, and was praised widely by players and critics alike, partly due to the new and improved combat mechanics, which makes combat faster and more fluid due to the developers making attacks much faster. However the game still keeps the intense difficulty of the Dark Souls games, however, that isn’t too much of a bad thing, considering this is part of what makes the game so popular and recognisable today.

#7: Watch Dogs 2


The first Watch Dogs game, was, not too great, to say the least, it wasn’t an overly bad game, just not what we had been promised, though thankfully not to the degree of the No Man’s Sky disaster. Watch Dogs 2 vastly improves of the faults of the first game, giving it so much more, a new setting, betting hacking, better driving, and a great co-operative multiplayer mode with two awesome game modes. Watch Dogs 2 definitely makes up for where it’s predecessor fell.

#6: Titanfall 2


Titanfall 2 is an FPS where the player can control a pilot and his titan in a singleplayer campaign and multiplayer battles. The game greatly improves on many aspects of the first game, one of which is the release of the game on the major three platforms, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, rather than just the release on Xbox and PC, which now allows for the game to be played by a much larger audience, which instantly makes it more awesome. As well as this, this game delivers with great gameplay and an interesting story with the singleplayer campaign.

#5: The Last Guardian


The Last Guardian is an action adventure game exclusive to the PlayStation 4, with similar schematics to previous games by Fumito Ueda, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. The game’s story is a great one, it’s a flashback narrative told by an old man, of when he was younger. Within the story, you must befriend and manipulate Trico, a half-bird-half-mammal creature, who will help you along your adventures. The story of The Last Guardian is brilliant and has plenty of replay value.

#4: Doom


Doom is one of the most notable releases of all time, and the reimagining of the ID Software classic is definitely one of the best games of this year. Bringing in 3 great game modes, including Campaign, Multiplayer and the cross-platform Gamemode SnapMap, where players can create and share their own custom maps, or group up with some friends and play through loads of maps together. The campaign is great, with plenty of missions and an awesome setting/story, the campaign doesn’t disappoint, nor does the multiplayer, while the match waiting times are a little too lengthy for the new DLC maps, the multiplayer is a lot of fun to play with your friends. SnapMap is also great, adding in elements of creativity and allowing the community to share ideas it’s one of the best features of the game. Also, since its release free updates and 3 multiplayer DLC’s have made sure that there’s no shortage of content to play with.

#3: Uncharted 4

23815901722_4d1edf4ed1_bThe conclusion to the Uncharted series, a PS4 exclusive, and a game really deserving of a spot on this list. There’s plenty of different elements of this game, making the gameplay brilliant, the melee combat system has been reworked, so there are no dreaded Quick-time events, there are elements of stealth, and you can control vehicles directly, meaning there’s plenty of variety in the way that you can play. As well as this, there’s a fun competitive multiplayer mode, with something a bit different to the story, and while the story is the main attraction, there’s still plenty of fun to be had in multiplayer. As well as this, the game brings in a great cast of characters alongside Nathan Drake, which is crucial for a story-driven game like Uncharted.

#2: Battlefield 1


Battlefield 1 is finally a good, mainstream World War I first-person shooter, with plenty of things to do and have fun with. The war stories, are brilliant. They give a realistic view into the Great War with superb voice acting, graphics and gameplay, as well as that, the variety in the war stories, letting you play as a pilot, a tank driver, and a front-line soldier in different settings and on the different sides of the Allies and Central Powers, the single player is almost good enough by itself to be a standalone game. The multiplayer is also amazing, with plenty of different game modes, 4 different classes, and lots of maps, weapons and vehicles, Battlefield 1 has great multiplayer, while reminiscent of the other EA game Star Wars Battlefront, the combat is greatly improved from last year’s release, that many people were unsure of.

#1: Overwatch

overwatch-heroes-background-blizzard-1080x623The number one spot on our list of the best games of 2016 goes to overwatch. The class-based first person shooter developed by Blizzard entertainment is undoubtedly our game of the year. While a bit lacking on release of game modes, the constant stream of content that the developers have released makes Overwatch even better with each update. Since release, we’ve seen more balance changes, a new competitive mode, which is now in its third season, new heroes, new unlockables, new seasonal events, new game modes and new maps and characters, the developers have failed to disappoint thus far. Also, the rapidly growing community of millions of players, as well as Overwatch being already prominent in the e-sports scene, means that there’s a great player base behind the game, who Blizzard also allow to give feedback on new maps, heroes and balance changes on the Public Test Region, making Overwatch a community-lead game, which no one can deny is awesome. Also, the cast of characters, gameplay mechanics, and the amount of fun you can have playing is amazing, there’s almost nothing left to improve.

We’re also yet to see more and more content, new events, maps and characters are confirmed and/or speculated, so there’s more for Overwatch coming soon, and there’s no denying that Overwatch deserves a place on this list.


Thanks for reading our Top 10 games of 2016 list, did you agree? Let us know in the comments, and keep it G33k in 2017!




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