For Honour Beta, How Good is it?

So, after weeks of waiting, the beta for Ubisoft’s upcoming Knight VS Samurai VS Viking action fighting multiplayer brawlstravaganza, has finally released. Honestly, in addition to the weeks of waiting for the beta to release, it did also take literally 10 hours to download on my PS4 so I hope that doesn’t reflect the size of the actual game, because I could almost hear the screams of my console’s memory.

The beta is not without a lot of flaws, but from the start, it’s clear that all these problems are things that can (and probably will) be fixed in the full release of the game, this is because the game is at heart just a beta. So for this article, what I will be doing is picking a variety of features of the game and ranking them on a scale of 1 to 10, with ten being an amazing feature of the game and one being terrible.




Image result for for honour
A sprawling battle in For Honor


The combat in this game is something I have never seen before. It is totally different to anything from any other Ubisoft game, it feels a lot like a more westernized version of the combat found in the amazing titles by Platinum Games. At times the combat does feel somewhat slow paced, but that also works to the advantage of the game, since it adds tension to the dramatic brawls of the game.

For Honor’s combat earns a solid 8/10




Image result for for honour
A poor chap about to suffer a crushing loss


This game looks stunning. Even though this is just an early version, it looks perfect. The battles are sprawling and tense, the characters seem to have had a deep deal of consideration put into how they look, it simply looks like an authentic battle from the ancient past. Sometimes I noticed small graphical glitches but nothing major, this game is a far cry from Assassin’s Creed Unity and it’s vanishing faces.



Gameplay Modes


Image result for for honour
“Whoah, little Mexican standoff we’ve got here”  (Sideswipe, Transformers: Dark of the Moon)


This is where I start to find problems with the game. There aren’t very many varied modes and they do tend to get repetitive, there is the possibility for the addition of more in the future but unless they get added as free updates, there will be problems. It feels a lot like Star Wars Battlefront in how it’s very fun for short bursts of play but for anything longer than an hour it can get very, very boring.


Overall Average Score: 7/10

For Honor seems like it will be fun when it releases, this beta makes a fun little look at something that has real promise and could evolve into one of the biggest games in a while. It certainly is one of the most original ideas I have seen in a long time and it feels well made and well executed so I feel this could go very well, not flawless, but seems like it could be a real fun game. I look forward to playing more of this game in the future and if you look forward to reading more like this, keep it G33k.




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