New Overwatch Hero Announced

Finally the developers of the Overwatch team have answered our burning questions about who the next hero would be, and the answer is at last a new tank hero, Orisa.

The backstory for this video can be found here:

In short, the OR-15 robots, which are the base for Orisa’s design, were designed to keep the peace in Numbani, where child genius Efi Oladele lives and works on various robots and drones. Upon the attack at Adawe International Airport by Doomfist, the OR-15’s were near useless, and Efi believed they still had potential and wanted to make them more than just a robot. So she rebuilt and redesigned an OR-15 unit, also giving her a personality drive, to be more than just a machine.

The damage caused by the Doomfist attack, seen here in game.


From the looks of her abilities, which can be found here: she will be a main tank, like characters such as Reinhardt and Winston. I’m hoping she’ll be able to change the meta in a good way, maybe removing the almost mandatory pick of Reinhardt as a main tank, but we’ll see what happens in the future, and how people react, as she is currently on the Overwatch Public Test Realm (PC only) for people to play and experiment with.


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