Flashback Feature: Team Fortress Classic (1999)

So my, rather long, hiatus on G33k P0p is over, and that means it’s time for another Flashback Friday post, and this game, while not very well known, deserves a lot of love for its gameplay, design, and the game it’s sequel became. Team Fortress Classic, TF2’s older brother, is still a fun game to buy and install on steam, and jump right into, reminiscent of other 90’s PC FPS like the famous Quake games.

Originally, the game began as a mod for the 1996 game Quake, undoubtedly named Team Fortress, originally, the mods developers intended to make their mod into a standalone game named Team Fortress 2, before being by Valve, who then turned it into a mod for Valve’s 1998 game Half Life, releasing under the name Team Fortress Classic in 1999 on PC, using valve’s GoldSrc engine to also promote Half Life and the capabilities of their engine. The game was released on the PC, and then later on the PlayStation 2. The game was very popular for a while, going strong for 5 years before receiving its last update in 2004. The critical acclaim of TFC was brilliant, receiving 9/10 from Steam, 9.3/10 from ModDB, as well as positive feedback from loads of players and critics alike.

The graphical similarities between TFC and Half Life are instantly recognisable.

The game revolves around 2 teams, red and blue, trying to complete certain objectives, normally within a time limit, but since you can only play on community servers, each one varies. The objectives will either be to capture a certain area and progress to the next map, capture the enemy’s flag, escort a VIP, however none can of course top the football gamemode, where a flag or ball must be pushed into the enemy goal. As you’d expect the game features the nine classes found in TF2, Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demolition Man, Heavy Weapons, Engineer, Sniper, Medic and Spy, who are quite different in some ways but similar in others. Unfortunately some of these characters aren’t the best due to some balance issues (in my opinion anyway) but as with modern team-based FPS, like TF2 or Overwatch, it’s all about knowing who/what counters or is countered by who/what, it can be a complete bloodbath, but there’s always method in the players’ madness.

TFC is no stranger to the stalemates of 2fort..

There’s many reasons why I love this game, and why I think it’s definitely worth a try. Firstly, the community is still going, as much as this doesn’t sound like much, for a lesser-well known game with a dying community, being around 18 years old now, some servers still thrive, with people willing to still put their time into this classic game. Also, simply, the gameplay is done, naturally, it’s very similar to Quake, and anyone who’s a fane of the 90’s Quake games, and other 90’s FPS games in general, would definitely enjoy TFC. I have to admit, when it comes to recent games, especially overwatch, I’m obsess with my stats, and have a desire to do well, but with TFC, I can relax, throw that mentality out the window and just have pure fun, which is what games should be like, and that’s a great thing. I highly recommend this to FPS fans, especially those who are interested in the real classics, because if you were, you definitely can’t miss out this one.





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