Psycho-Pass Anime Review

Hello again! ZeroAni here to bring you guys my very first anime review. I will judge the anime based on two categories, plot and characters, I chose this style in order to give you a fair review on what I believe to be the most important aspects of an anime and also in order to give minimal spoilers to the show as I believe that going too much in depth would ruin the experience, though beware of minor spoilers. I will also not give a number rating, instead, a recommendation to watch or not, I believe you should be able to judge the series yourself. Without further ado, here is the review. Please enjoy!


Psycho-Pass is set in a fictional authoritarian future where every passing person’s tendency to commit crimes can be measured by a government operated system dubbed ‘The Sybil System’, this system measures a person’s mental state by displaying their ‘hue’, different shades display their criminality levels, the darker it is the higher the probability they will commit a crime.

Our protagonist, Akane Tsunemori, is a new police officer and member of the Crime Investigation Division where she is tasked with maintaining social order and the Sybil System. In order to do so, she counts on the help of her enforcers, criminals who work as ‘hounds’ for CID so that the officers themselves don’t get their psycho pass altered. As a part of the CID she will uncover the truth behind the Sybil System.


Akane Tsunemori is an idealistic and naive person at the time of her recruitment. As the show progresses, however, she is revealed to be intelligent, compassionate and insightful as an Inspector. She agonizes over the purpose of her existence, a trait not present on other inspectors. She is polite and respectful, but can sometimes be stubborn and angry with those with whom she strongly disagrees.

Kogami is a highly skilled detective, his ability to solve cases quickly makes him a valuable member of Division 1, his original assignment. There, he is subordinate to Ginoza, the senior officer and lead inspector. Although the two often seem at odds, they respect one another’s judgment regarding police work. Kogami has a calm mind and is detached while working a case with sharp instincts and insight into the criminal mind. The way he deals with investigations leaves even the best Enforcers impressed and appalled, as he usually uses risky methods to solve them. We will also sometimes see him teasing Akane and joking around with his colleagues which is a nice contrast his calm and cool nature.

Nobuchika Ginoza is an astute observer of human behavior and an excellent detective but because he relies on data more than intuition, he comes off as somewhat rigid when it comes to his work. Although he may seem cold at times, we do learn a lot more about his past and come to understand his why he acts the way he does, between his past with Kagami and his relationship with Masaoka.

Masaoka is an enforcer of Division 1, he is rather laid back in his approach to work and often accepts things as the way they are. Even in stressful situations, he tries to use reason above action and keeps a cool head. We later learn that he also has a rather chaotic past concerning Ginoza and his family.
Kunizuka has a cool and calm personality, preferring to spend her free time reading or doing something educational. She can keep her head even under the toughest situations and rarely displays emotion. However, this doesn’t mean that she’s a heartless person, as we later see her being compassionate, and even visibly upset when she was not able to find a missing colleague.
Not much to say about Kagari apart from him being the jokester of the group and teases people on a regular basis. He enjoys portable video games and spends most of his free time playing them.

Makishima is a humanist on the dark side: someone hopelessly in love with cruelty, savagery and all the worst aspects of human nature with no qualms about witnessing or causing others’ suffering. He is exceptionally charismatic and has the ability to manipulate others to do what he wants. He is also immune to the Sybil System as his psycho pass cannot be read by it. He provides a great contrast to Kogami as they represent opposite sides of humanity and this drives Kogami to investigate him and lay down his own judgment upon Makishima, while also affecting Akane who will attempt to understand Kogami’s motivations.

Is it worth watching?

My recommendation is to watch it. Though some of its side characters are not very well explored and the story does leave you with more questions than answers, that is its objective, for the viewer come to his own conclusions on questions such as; is the Sybil System fair? And what truly is justice? This show will make question society and it’s meaning and that is what makes it such a great experience.


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