Marvel’s Iron Fist Review (SPOILERS)

Marvel and Netflix’s new Defenders series, Iron Fist, came out recently. This is the fourth show that will tie into the Defenders series. However, Iron Fist is mostly self-contained and has few references to it’s counterparts, which means that if you haven’t yet watched the previous Marvel/Netflix series, this is a great place to start. BEWARE OF SPOILERS AHEAD, like, massive spoilers!

The Story follows our main character, Danny Rand, as he returns to New York City after being presumed dead for 15 years after a plane crash that killed both his parents. Danny makes his way to his father’s company, one he would have been heir to, only to find that his childhood friends Joy and Ward Meachum are now running the company and more importantly, believe Danny is dead, and this becomes the first obstacle for Danny to overcome as The Iron Fist kicks off.




The main character, Danny Rand is a billionaire Buddhist monk and a Kung-Fu expert who has inherited the power of the Iron Fist. Danny was caught in the middle of a plane crash during his young years along with his mother and father, both of whom died during the incident, while Danny became the sole survivor and was taken in by a group of monks from the mystical city known as K’un-L’un, there he was trained in the art of Kung-Fu and taught about the evil of known as the Hand. Once his training is complete he is given the chance to gain the power of The Iron Fist by defeating the dragon Shou-Lao the Undying. After he obtains the power of the Iron Fist he flees to New York only to find out that his father’s company has been infiltrated by the Hand and he must fight to free it. Danny comes off as a calm and serene character for the most part, though there are times when he loses his temper, characteristics of a child, which make since as he has no understanding of modern society since he was 10 and no experience with adult life, while also becoming very aggressive and at times driven completely by spite.


Colleen Wing is an ally of Danny who works alongside him to take out Gao’s faction of the Hand. Trained by Bakudo, one of the faction leaders of the Hand, on the art of Kendo and living her life by the Bushido code, she is a very independent character who could hold a show of her own. She runs a dojo in New York and, for the most part, seems to help The Iron Fist take down the Hand. However, she is later revealed as part of Bakudo’s faction of the Hand. When Danny finds out about this, he also finds that Bakudo has been brainwashing all of Colleen’s students into becoming an army of his own, Colleen refuses to accept this but later finds out the truth with her own eyes. She decides to help Danny fight against Bakudo resulting in the best fight sequence of the series, which belongs to her not The Iron Fist, where she confronts her emotions in her fight against Bakudo.



Ward Meachum is a very realistic character, he is understandably confused and suspicious of Danny’s sudden appearance. As one of the leaders of a billionaire company along with his sister, Joy Meachum, he wants nothing to do with someone looking like a homeless man claiming to be Danny Rand, his former childhood friend whom he believed died 15 years ago on a plane crash. His character suffers many traumas for the most part of the series as he copes with his father’s (Harold Meachum who was also assumed dead and is now part of the Hand) aggressive personality and his own drug addiction. Although a troubled character it is clear that he really cares about the safety of his sister as he warns her to stay away from their father when she finds out Harold was actually alive all this time.

Joy Meachum starts off as unsure about Danny’s claims, she meets with him many times and talks to him about the past before Danny is proven to be the real thing, this only adds to her uncertainty which also becomes the reason as to why Danny is able to prove himself as the real Danny Rand. Once she finds out about Harold and the Hand she makes every effort to help Danny and Harold fight back against the Hand, unbeknownst to her that her father has become a killer and gone mad after his second revival. Once Harold betrays Danny and Joy finds out she is left devastated and we do not see her again until the end of the series where she is talking to Davos while Gao sits on a separate table opposite to them.


As a while, Iron Fist is not a bad show, though it does not live up to it’s predecessors. While the dialogue may be awkward at times, and the fight sequences are far from the best of what we’ve seen so far, it certainly still makes for a good watch. Moreover, if you haven’t seen the previous Marvel/Netflix titles, this is a good place to start as the references here are very minimal to the other series but still has it’s parallels to those series such as some dialogue hinting at Daredevil, characters from Jessica Jones and Easter eggs for Luke Cage, not overwhelming enough to not understand them but also enough to get you interested in what it’s all about. The show by itself though, is an above average superhero TV show and is only overshadowed by the presence of past Defenders series. So go ahead and watch it for yourselves and be sure to tell us how you feel about the show!


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