Attack On Titan S2E1 Review (SPOILERS)

Attack on Titan is back with a new season, so I decided that I wanted to run through some of the best moments of the new episode and just generally give my opinion on what I thought of the episode. However, I will be discussing MASSIVE SPOILERS regarding the first episode of the anime and parts of the manga so if you haven’t yet watched it or read the manga, beware of spoilers! You have been warned. 

Overall this episode was pretty much straight to the point of what the new season will be all about and does a great job of re-familiarizing us with the setting of the anime. We start the anime with a narrator telling us about the events leading up to the present. Now, this can be a bad thing for some anime and a waste of time, but in my opinion, it worked really well with it, as it was brief and managed to remind us of the past events. The episode then picks up straight from where the last season ending, with Anne being secured by the soldiers. Straight afterward a piece of the wall crumbles to reveal a Titan inside and thus shedding light to the secrets of the walls. This comes suddenly and catches the viewer off guard which really highlights the psychological thriller elements of the anime and is done masterfully, following the events of the manga almost panel by panel, though with the added bonus of animation and voice acting bringing it to life.

The next most important event of the anime occurs while Sasha and Connie’s group is suddenly attacked by Titans who breached the second wall, while Sasha and Connie make an effort to evacuate the surrounding areas, the leader of their squad falls back in order to hold off the Titans, after killing almost every Titan he encounters the beast Titan who grabs his maneuver gear and speaks to him, while the soldier looks back in shock. This scene was made really well displaying clearly all the confusion on the soldier’s mind with the famed Attack on Titan soundtrack only adding to the psychological intensity of this scene and as the Beast Titan leaves the man to be eaten by the other Titans, all the emotions of fear are highlighted by the intense music and animation.

We then cut to the opening theme at the end of the episode as per anime tradition. The OP is written and played by Linked Horizon, the same group responsible for both OPs of season 1 which brings all of its intensity back, furthermore, the opening displays something that I did not think would be happening this season of the anime. For those of you who have not read the manga, spoilers ahead. The OP showed us a glimpse of Ysmir, the goddess of the Eldyan people and the progenitor Titan, making a pact with the “devil” as alluded to by many interpretations of the history of Attack On Titan in the manga, could this mean that this season will finally reveal what is inside Grisha’s basement? Maybe, we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you enjoy this sort of semi in-depth episode reviews be sure to let me know and for more on anime, TV, movies and gaming, be sure to follow us HERE, you can watch new episodes of Attack on Titan every Saturday on Crunchyroll (Premium required for simulcast), which means you can watch it the same day as it airs in Japan (in HD, no less) without ads! Click on over HERE to get your hands on a free 14 day trial of Crunchyroll Premium, that means you can watch the next 2 episodes, the same day as they air in Japan at no cost!


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