Surprisingly good start for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (SPOILERS)

The Shonen anime icon Naruto has finally come to an end and now we have a brand new adventure focussing on the next generation of shinobi. Many were pessimistic for this anime or just didn’t care for it, but I decided to give it a go and I  have to admit I was worried it would lean more towards fan service and nostalgia other story and substance but was honestly impressed, this anime has many parallels with the original Naruto and Shippuden though it has a certain charm to it that makes it unique and stand on its own feet. I will be talking about the first episode of the anime and the original Naruro Manga by Masashi Kishimoto BEWARE OF SPOILERS!

We start off the first episode with an older Boruto fighting against an enemy who wishes to end the era of shinobi while Boruto puts on his hidden leaf headband which he seems to have inherited from sasuke as it has the slash across but with a new slash going toward his eye. He then opens his eye to reveal a type of mutated Byakugan and we cut to the opening theme.

The opening very much reminds me of the later openings in both Naruto classic and Shippuden though with a lighter tone and imagery, overall the music is very nostalgic for the old fans of Naruto but also brings a breath of fresh air as it’s far less ‘edgy’ as previous opening themes of the original Naruto.

We then cut to a well animated parkour scene of Boruto and Shikadai running on top of buildings as we see a more modern version of konoha village, they are apparently running to try to catch something very important, this scene is essentially a throwback to when things were peaceful in Naruto as he went about his usual mischievous life while also a way to introduce the characters to new fans providing some characterisation.

We then cut to Naruto walking down the corridor of the Hokage’s office along with Shikamaru only to find piles upon piles of paperwork waiting for him, after years we finally get to see Naruto as the Hokage which is actually quite a satisfactory moment while also realising that he is now a grown up with adult responsibilities as represented by the paperwork in his office.

We later see Boruto come back home to his mother, Hinata and his sister Himawari while he complains that his dad is always absent and seems to not care for him or his sister. While we as the audience know that Naruto is busy with work, we can also see Boruto’s side of the story, which is good as this is supposed to be centered on Boruto not Naruto which this anime is doing well.

Boruto then finds himself late for his forst day at the academy and decides to take a train. He then encounters a boy whom he helped escape from bullies the day before. His eye awakens with his, what I assume is the Byakugan only to see the boy enveloped in an ‘evil’ aura. He follows the boy to find him trying to kill the bullies that attacked him the other day. Boruto manages to save both the boy from the evil looking aura and the bullies from death. From this we already see that there is something already working against the standing peace and some, though limited, knowledge of what it can do. Boruto then takes the train off the tracks on an effort to try to reach the entry ceremony in time but crashes straight into Naruto’s sculpted face as he makes the statement that whatever path he takes it will have nothing to do with his dad, concluding the episode. From this we ge a firm grasp of what this anime is trying to do, while it is at its essence another Naruto season it’s unique enough to stand on its own and does not rely on previous knowledge of Naruto which only adds to Boruto’s attidude of being different.

Overall, is this anime worth trying? Yes, definitely especially for those who are new to anime and are looking for a sort of gateway to get into the community and those diehard fans of Naruto will have something that is new but still the ninja adventure they grew up with to watch.

Thank you for reading, please share your opinions on the new Boruto anime, tell us if you like it hate it or don’t care much for it. If you are interested you can catch the latest episodes on Crunchyroll premium HD with no ads, or catch the episodes one week after release for free. For more news on TV, Movies, Games and Anime stay tuned to G33k P0p!


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