CSGO: What Happened to the Negev/R8?

Recently many, if not all frequent CSGO players will have known that not too long ago, the R8 Revolver, and the Negev LMG were both removed from competitive matchmaking for balance changes, while the unchanged versions were available in other modes. Just recently, the 2 weapons were released back into competitive matchmaking for a limited time, but there’s already an issue.


I’ll start with the Negev, what was once the most expensive weapon in the game, is now only $2000, while I was confused and quite frustrated at first, it turns out this super-low price is to promote play testing, which is an understandable move by Valve. However, these are real competitive games, this isn’t on a test server, and while people are testing the Negev, I hope that Valve can increase the price of it very soon. The weapon, while extremely, inaccurate at first, can quickly turn is massive spread into a rapid-firing, powerful beam of fire, which can absolutely melt enemies. While this is what the Negev should do, and while the mobility/reload time of the weapon are both terribly slow, the low price of the weapon means that you’ll see it at points in the game where people would only be buying SMG’s or pistols, and so it can completely outclass them. I know what Valve is trying to do, and it’s a good idea, but they’ve gone about it wrong in my opinion, while it may be difficult, seeing some kind of Public Test Region like what Blizzard have done in Overwatch to test out balance changes before they go live, would be very helpful, and it could make sure I don’t get mowed down by a Negev straight after losing the pistol round. While I like the changes, the way Valve have gone about testing the weapon, is something I don’t like.

The R8 has also had it’s price reduced, to $700, a wise move by Valve, making it a viable alternative to the Desert Eagle, although the weapon still isn’t popular with the community. I do think the changes to the R8 were just, as it’s only the rate of fire that’s been increased, especially since most the community have and still do prefer the Desert Eagle for a powerful pistol.



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