Attack On Titan Season 2 First Impressions! (Minor Spoilers)

There is no doubt that the second season of Attack On Titan is one of, if not the most popular anime of this season, so with 4 episodes out I thought I could give you my first overall impressions of Attack On Titan season 2. Beware of minor spoilers for the first 4 episodes of the anime.

Attack On Titan continues to do what it does best with this season, that being foreshadowing which is done masterfully. Foreshadowing in this season is done in such a way that it can be obvious but also misleading, while those of us who have read the manga know what happens, it still provides a freshness to the series as the animation and music bring all these moments to life and the anime-onlys know that every piece of dialogue the moments where the music queues in, to little bits of detail shown can be foreshadowing something greater. Though this also provides the anime with its major drawbacks being that most fans have read ahead in the manga due to the lack of anime content for 4 years, providing little space for one of the things that consumed the hype for the first season, that being theorizing what was going to happen next only to be blown away by what really happens or be surprised to know that you were right all along, this brought the community of Attack On Titan to life and now only a few people who have not yet read the manga have this privilege.

However one of the things that the anime does much better than the manga are the interactions that each of the cast of characters shares with each other, and how the anime manages to bring all the dramatic and epic moments to life with brilliantly queued music and extraordinary voice acting throughout each and every episode, with the reveal of the beast titan, the importance of Christa and the revelation of Ymir’s titan powers. Another factor that makes this series great is the character development, where in season 1 there wasn’t much character development season 2 definitely provides us with some great material, as all the side characters such as Conny, Sasha, and Ymir who get their own spotlight each episode, granted Ymir wasn’t really too focused upon in the latest episode.

With so many great moments throughout this episode, the moment that really stands out for me is when Ymir jumps out of the building in episode 4 and becomes a titan where music queues in perfectly and the awe that the characters feel is brought to life with some of the best musical direction in anime for this season. Moreover, the buildup for this moment was brilliantly done with the dialogue between Christa and Ymir and how on the outside Ymir may seem like a person who doesn’t care for anyone or anything, she actually sacrifices herself for the sake of giving Christa a chance at surviving, which greatly adds to the depth of her character, making her more than just another side character.

Along with Ymir’s development, we also get to see how our cast of characters are starting to catch up on the secrets of the Titans as Conny starts to theorise that the Titan stuck on his house may have been his mother who somehow transformed into a titan, while this is not yet revealed to be true, the fact that the Titan spoke to Conny is there, though as I said before, this anime can be misleading with its clues but can also be very obvious, so as of now, in the anime at least, we are unsure as to what the situation is, but this mystery manages to create an atmosphere of doubt among the characters as we can see from the dialogue between Reiner and Ymir.

Sahsa too gets her spotlight as she is drawn to a tight spot where she is forced to choose whether to try and saving a child’s mother while she is getting eaten by a Titan and possibly die along with the mother and child as she has no weapons with her, or escape with the child and its mother die. This and the fact that the Titan starts to chase after them and she sacrifices herself to allow the kid to escape (spoiler alert she survives), which shows just how brave she can be and that she’s not just a gag for the anime to use everytime it needs to lighten the atmosphere.

In conclusion, this anime has had a very strong start and despite all the drawbacks, it manages to keep the audience hooked and waiting to see what happens next even if only means their favourite scenes of the manga finally being animated for all of us to enjoy.  If you have not yet checked out season 2 of AoT I highly recommend you do so as it meets all expectations and at times even exceeds them and as always thanks for reading!


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