Call of Duty: World War II – Predictions and Speculation

So the rumours were true, the Call of Duty franchise is going back to it’s roots as a WW2 FPS, a move that many of the fans seem to be happy with. Judging by the Like/dislike ratios on the YouTube trailer, it’s obvious that people are more happy with this than they were with last year’s Infinite Warfare.

So what can we speculate so far? Well I for one believe that, much like it’s rival Battlefield 1, COD: WW2 will focus just as much on story as it will multiplayer. While it’s argued that COD games have always had a better story than Battlefield games, the war stories on Battlefield 1 last year make for some tough competition. Then again, a reason to focus heavily on the story of the game, would not just be competition with the game’s rival, if the fans want the series to go back to it’s roots, then this would also include an emphasis on story, in my opinion.

I would also speculate some interesting multiplayer, perhaps putting more emphasis on mechanical skill than using lots of different abilities, which is something previous recent COD titles have shown us. This could maybe make the multiplayer more appealing to people, but would perhaps be a risky move, as recent fans to COD would have to get used to this, although I’m sure it’d be a move appreciated by the fans.

Battlefield 1 had multiple “War stories” showing different sides of the war and different ways to play Battlefield 1.

We may also be able to speculate a story mode similar to that of Battlefield 1, with different war stories that, no only showed different sides of the war but also different game mechanics too. Since world war is such a large scale event, maybe only having one storyline wouldn’t be able to show off too much, so adding different stories or multiple campaigns that each take a different approach would be something we could see and something that I believe would be a good idea.



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