What makes the Green Lanterns great? (SPOILERS)

Green Lanterns are by far my favourite group/team of superheroes ever, Simon Baz trumping even Batman for me. The reason being its ability to greatly expand the DC Universe and sometimes involving the JLA in events such as The Blackest Night another reason being just how ridiculously cool it would be to have emotion rings with special powers.

In my opinion, the green lanterns are great because it’s not a single person wearing a mask, rather it’s a legion of protectors who are charged with the protection of the universe as opposed to the traditional JLA defenders of earth kind of storyline. The Green Lanterns expand on DC’s universe by introducing us to threats that happen outside of earth but are, however, important to the fate of the universe as a whole, so that we deal with much higher stakes than the destruction of a single planet as well as making the universe as a whole a battlefield for important events instead of making Earth the center of EVERYONE IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE’S center of all interest (which is ridiculous at best).

Image result for green lanterns corps

Moreover, I find that the concept of emotions giving people the power to do amazing things a very interesting subject in on itself. Right now we have the Green Lantern’s of willpower, Red rage, blue hope, yellow fear, orange greed, pink love, indigo compassion and black and white for life and death respectively, where all these emotions, apart from black and white, aren’t inherently evil. The progression of these so-called antagonists such as Larfleeze, Sinestro and the Red Lantern Corps into redemption is quite interesting. As Guy Gardner becomes a Red Lantern, he attempts to redeem the Corps, by using the power of rage for the greater good, this is especially evident during the ‘Red Daughter Of Krypton’ story arc where supergirl becomes a red. The Sinestro Corps right now are attempting to reform themselves after the death of Sinestro and working alongside the Green Lanterns to keep the peace of the galaxy, and Larfleeze is just misunderstood.


The two new Green Lanterns of Earth are especially curious as we have Simon Baz, a Muslim who was wrongly accused of terrorism and has some anger issues and Jessica Cruz a latina Lantern who suffers from anxiety. The interesting thing about them is that while they have this anger and fear is that they have the ability to overcome them and thus making them suitable wearers of the ring. This is also, on the other hand, an example of diversity in comics done right, as we are actually given legitimate reasons for them as humans to be able to wield these rings, and are not just for making a point about diversity.

Image result for green lanterns simon baz and jessica cruz

Now my favourite lantern so far is Simon Baz, he is a cocky and angry and in some ways similar to Guy Gardner (also one of my favourites) in the sense that although he is very angry he is still a willful person who does think of others. I also love how his relationship with Jessica develops as they start off as each other’s opposite being forced into a team they didn’t wish existed, Jessica being even more of a newbie than him never having been to Oa and training to be a lantern, while also not being able to use a construct making her useless in his eyes, to that of friendship and comradery as they now trust each other with their lives. Now we have these partnerships with many other heroes like Batman and Robin, Flash and Kid Flash or Green Arrow and Speedy, but it always seems like a master and apprentice relationship as opposed to a real partnership where both are more or less equals.


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