The Overwatch World Cup is back for 2017

While this probably won’t be news to most Overwatch fans, the Overwatch World Cup is back for 2017, and there’s going to be some changes this year. Last year we saw some brilliant games and amazing games from the best overwatch nations in the world, with South Korea taking the title after taking out surprise performer Russia 4-0 in the finals, and with Sweden taking 3rd after a 2-1 win over Finland. While it was a great competition, many people had a lot of unanswered questions and the tournament itself received criticism for

South Korea dominated the competition last year, not losing a single map, even against favourites like Team USA and Team Sweden.


The biggest changes this year have already been shown off, earlier this year back in March Blizzard announced the return of the world cup, saying that the average SR of the top 100 players in each country would determine which 32 nations would be taking part in the competition. These tryouts are now complete, with the top 5 nations being China, South Korea, USA, Sweden and Finland, with the UK and Canada following closely behind.

ow world cup 17 teams
Some of the top teams from this year are teams that went out last year in qualifiers, so it appears this tournament could be very different.


Since this, the players in every country have been given a list of Pro’s and large community figures, and each player gets 3 votes to form the country’s committee, who then decide the team that will compete for that country. This will no doubt make sure that each team selected is that country’s best, since last year it could be said that some teams suffered since anyone could vote for anyone. An example would be ekuls on Reinhardt/Winston for Team UK, while he was a very experienced player with a lot of skill, he had no previous experience in tournaments, and actual pro player numlocked would’ve, in my opinion, been better suited to that role since he played Reinhardt/Winston for Team Dignitas at the time.

However, no doubt it’s going to be an exciting tournament, and I look forward to watching the matches later this year.


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