Injustice 2 Mobile Review

Injustice 2 mobile is exactly what one should expect from a mobile version of a console game. It’s complete with shiny new graphics and a very simplified, though sometimes unresponsive, control system. And most of the times it works well. It is worth mentioning however that this is a free-to-play app and there are in-app purchases, though they aren’t really that necessary, at least for the first levels of the game, so I can’t say for sure since I haven’t played enough of it to be sure.

maxresdefault (3)

The game allows you to take control of a team of three DC Comics characters (heroes and villains alike) and are all spread across different eras of the DCU like for example the game’s version of Batman as well as Arkham Knight Batman and so on. The characters are entirely controlled by taps and swipes to determine what kind of attack you will deal your enemy with, how, ver these controls can be very unresponsive and the fights will quickly start feeling repetitive and predictable. The saving grace, however, is the special moves that can be dealt after the meter is full and are always satisfying to see.


The reward system of the game sees you collecting gems, which in turn allows you to open chests that allow you to gain a range of things like consumables (energy), characters (or shards to unlock characters) and currency, this tedious grind can be quicker with micro transactions aka in-app purchases, even though from my experience there doesn’t seem to be too much of an emphasis on this feature of the game.

In the end, as far as free-to-play games go this game is worth a shot, it doesn’t seem to rub all those nasty in-app purchases in your face like most mobile now do, which is definitely a positive in my opinion, and though the controls can be unresponsive and slow at times, this only depends on the internet connection of the device and is mostly pretty smooth even with slow internet, so if you haven’t yet played this game and you are waiting for the console version to come out, then is game is definitely worth  trying out.


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