A Collection of Cosplay #6: MCM London 2017 Special

What is this? How? Can it really be? Metal  Gear!?!? A Collection of Cosplay #6?!?!?. Yes, I know it’s taken a long time (only 305 days) for this supposed quarterly series to release, but we’ve been working on a lot, mainly our brand new online magazine! Extra G33k is out every three months and you can read the first issue for free right HERE, just a word of warning, it looks best on mobile or tablet. Sorry about that, now we should get on with the post, no more waiting. ZeroAni and myself (along with well over 100,000 other people, which is mad) recently spent two days in London for the wonderful MCM Comic Con, which was excellent, nearly as excellent as the cosplay we saw. So I decided to steal ZeroAni’s photos and create a special Collection of Cosplay, using only his photos. If they look bad, it was because they were taken on a phone and by ZeroAni. Enjoy!


I know normally I would put captions explaining the contents of each photo, but honestly, I don’t know most of these characters, blame ZeroAni for having obscure interests. You can complain to either of us for this poor article by dropping us an email at submit.g33kp0p@gmail.com with the subject of “MCM Complaints”. For more, hopefully better content, keep it G33k!


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