MCM London 2017 Event Roundup

Last weekend, I and Discordia had the pleasure of covering the massive event that was MCM comic con in London for two days, along with over 100,000 other guests (seriously the event this yer was huge). From the DC Comics booth to the Transformers 5 exhibits and all the way to the outside Fringe Festival and much more, this MCM had a lot to offer and we only wish we could have done it all. However, I am going to give you guys a roundup of what we thought was the best parts of this year’s MCM Comic Con. Enjoy!



This year we had so many things going on during MCM, the Star Wars Panel featured stars from Rogue one talking about the movie and answering fan questions, our favourite characters from Adventure Time were present to take pictures and hand autographs, the DC exhibit displayed statues for the new Injustice 2 and even 4 of the original Power Rangers were present at the event, however, what truly baffled us were a number of Minions stuff. SO. MANY. MINIONS! This event was filled to the brim with minion inflatables it’s insane, even Gru’s rocket car was there! It was the most minion-filled convention I have witnessed ever, and this is no exaggeration.


However that was not the extent of the event, the Crunchyroll booth sported it’s Anonimous Noise banner, a new musical drama anime about a girl who uses her voice in order to find her two childhood friends who moved far away from her, one of whom she fell in love with and she now dedicates her life to finding him again and she does this through the power of music, truly an anime worth checking out if you haven’t already! The Transformers exhibit showed off the famous Optimus Prime truck along with the Bumblebee Camaro with Cosplayers dressed as both characters, the DC booth also displayed the outfits used by Wonder Woman in her new movie.


Although had more to offer as we discovered a whole new side to MCM with the amazing Fringe Festival outside the main event! Out there we found so many Cosplayers posing and showing off their work to the world, many went in groups dedicated to that anime, video game, series or movie. It was truly a spectacle worth watching. From the most popular franchises such as Yuri On Ice all the way to much less known characters such as Skeletor from He-Man, go head over to Discordia’s article that shows off the best Cosplay we encountered! Once we stepped outside we found ourselves completely surrounded by a legion of Yuri from Yuri On Ice, groups cosplaying as characters from Dragon Ball, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece and much more. We even managed to find someone cosplaying as Chloe from Life Is Strange, truly an unexpected one!



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