Why you should be watching Anonymous Noise (SPOILERS)

This season of anime has greeted us with some of the best sequels we could hope for, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia and Boruto. However l, sequels were not the only things this season had to offer, one anime, in particular, has caught my eye this season, that anime, of course, being Anonymous Noise. (Spoilers ahead).

Anonymous Noise revolves around our female protagonist, Alice, who as a child used to sing with her childhood friend Mono, for whom she developed feelings for, after he left without notice she found herself befriending Yuzu a boy passionate about composing music, Yuzu quickly fell in love with Alice but now hides his feelings for her as she still likes Momo. This eventually becomes the main struggle of the series as Yuzu finds out that one of his best friends outside his band is actually the Momo Alice likes.

maxresdefault (5)

This anime tends to follow a particular structure throughout most of its episodes, being, at the start of the episode it will mostly be upbeat and happy, come the middle and it’s more of a comedy and later utterly breaks your heart by the end of the episode. This structure becomes quite obvious but it is definitely what keeps making me come back to it every week, the way it always leaves the better parts of the drama to the end of each episode leave a perfect cliff hanger to keep viewers hooked and anxious to see what happens next.

This anime, as well as some great drama, has some of the most relatable characters of this season of anime, only losing to Tsuki Ga Kirei in my opinion. Alice, otherwise known as Arisugawa Nino, is a young girl passionate about singing, as a child, she used to sing with her best friend Momo, though he later left the town, when she found herself alone, Yuzu came to her, as a young man who is also passionate about music and composing he used to leave his house and write music in the sand as his parents would not allow him to get involved with music directly. After being separated from Alice, Yuzu forms the band In No Hurry To Shout in tribute to his unrequited love, Alice. Momo, however, became a professional composer, who now only makes music for money, having lost his ability to compose music with his feelings, he wished to reunite with Alice after he was able to sustain his family with his job, however, this meeting happens too early and he now has to face the fact that he can no longer look at her the same due to his job as a composer, this leads him to reject her feelings completely as well as his own.



As stated earlier this is a music anime at its core so it comes as no surprise that there will be a lot of singing in it. As far as music anime go it’s hard to find one that actually has a decent amount of original songs sang throughout that aren’t just the OP of the anime as seen with Fuuka last season. However, this anime manages to incorporate completely original songs to it while not repeatedly, or ever, in fact, using the OP theme as an actual song in the anime. So far there are 2 original songs for the anime and this is certainly impressive, to say the least, it manages to balance the music, comedy and drama nicely as it never feels like there is too much information thrust upon the viewer.

This anime is definitely a must watch for this season if you are a fan of music anime or just looking for good slice of life high school drama to keep yourself entertained throughout this season. This anime is sure to hook you with each new episode and make you laugh at every comic moment as well as feeling emotionally invested with each and every one of the characters, including the side characters as they themselves have multiple conflicts going on.





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