What Suicide Squad 2 Needs

Now if we go back in time a year, everyone remembered the hype around DC’s Suicide Squad, the soundtrack, the cast, the characters, it was set to be the blockbuster of the summer, and yet, it, wasn’t really. Now of course I didn’t mind the film too much, but I don’t speak for everyone, and there were a lot of disappointed fans, who complained about many different aspects of the movie, making Suicide Squad a great big disappointment.

Nevertheless the movie made a lot of money, whether it was money well spent by audiences is a different matter, and because of this, Suicide Squad 2 is being planned, and well on it’s way to becoming a reality. Recently, in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actor Joel Kinnaman, who played Rick Flag, stated that Warner Bros are currently working on a script for the sequel, and the goal is for shooting to start in 2018. As well as this, Mel Gibson has said that he has been in talks with Warner Bros about directing the sequel, although nothing has come up yet.

So, what would Suicide Squad 2 need to make up for the shortcomings of it’s predecessor, while also potentially making what was good about Suicide Squad even better. One personal issue I had with the movie, was that all the promotional material for the film, interviews, posters, trailers, all had me thinking that The Joker would be a main part of the film and the storyline, but when I actually watched the film he wasn’t the main character that I thought he’d be, and while he had some relevance to the plot, it wasn’t what I was expecting and he felt more like a minor character.

As well as this, the story just felt a bit, weak, the movie didn’t have the best plotline I’ve ever seen, it’s often hard to keep track of going on, and the setting of the movie doesn’t exactly help too much either, with most scenes taking place in the rain, or the dark, or both. The story just likes momentum, often the progression of the movie will stop completely for the sake of a flashback, or a cut-away to the minor character of the joker, and what he’s up to.

Obvious improvements to Suicide Squad required for the sequel to be any better would be: a stronger plot, more developed characters, a better setting, a marketing campaign which was actually representative of the contents of the movie, and maybe even a better soundtrack, while I liked the soundtrack, it seemed very…cliché, and didn’t feel like a standout movie soundtrack, the same goes for the original score, it just, wasn’t great.


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