Anthem Given Gameplay on Xbox One X

We’ve just been given a gameplay on the Xbox One X, which looks amazing so far. In the game you and another player are “freelancers”, taking control of Javelin Exo-Suits, with their own different playstyles and abilities that allow you to traverse the hostile open world. The world is very dynamic and ever changing, as well as having many different kinds of terrain that you must traverse to explore the map, underwater, in caves, in forests, and more.

While exploring you can also experience live scale world events, such as storms, which greatly impact the game you play, and can give you missions and tasks to complete, depending on what the entail. While exploring the open world of Anthem, you can create squads with your friends, find weapon drops and also look for XP boost areas, to unlock further abilities for your endeavours in the open world.

The game not only appears to have some super fun gameplay, but also looks amazing with the new graphics of Xbox One X, and coupled with the amazing performance meaning that the game can be viewed at 60fps with full 4k resolution, Anthem will definitely be at the forefront of Xbox One X’s release, and I cannot wait to play this game for myself.


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