Top 8 Actors who Could Play a Green Lantern

Well, what do we have here? Another Green Lantern movie is underway. Surprising considering the overwhelmingly negative critique and is still held low as one of the worst movies to ever crawl it’s way to the DC cinematic universe. However, this is a chance for Warner Bros. to learn from their mistakes and make a Green Lantern movie that doesn’t suck. I am here today to tell you some of my picks for the actors that would best suit the role of Green Lantern.

#1 Kit Harington – Kyle Rayner


As an actor from Game Of Throne, Kit has become adept at playing roles with controversial storylines, perfect for Kyle Rayner, a Lantern who’s girlfriend was murdered and stuffed inside his fridge, gruesome stuff, and Kit is no stranger to that, as he constantly deals with even worse when it comes to his GoT character John Snow. Although there’s not much to credit about Kit, a new actor could fit in well and breath new life into the DC cinematic universe, as well as giving it a slightly more light-hearted character to fill the edgy darkness with DC movies right now.

#2 Sam Claflin – Kyle Rayner


Who better to play the charming young Lantern Kyle Rayner them, Sam Claflin. The DCEU does not yet have the classic charmer just yet on its roster, but the addition of Lantern Kyle would make for the best excuse to include one. Once Finnick from The Hunger Games, Sam would be perfect for the role of Kyle Rayner as he is young, talented and would fit the artistic side of the Lantern perfectly, aside from looking almost exactly like him.

#3 Don Cheadle – John Stewart


We all know how well Don portrayed the iconic James Rhodes, the War Machine in the Iron Man movies, a soldier of the military, who is strict, lawful and dignified, the same as John Stewart. As we know from his past role as James Rhodes he manages to reflect all the values of that makes John Stewart a Lantern, in my opinion, he would be the best pick for the role of John Stewart.

#4 Omari Hardwick – John Stewart


Hardwick is a great actor who would bring John Stewart to life in the DCEU, he is known for his roles in the A-Team Remake, his smaller role in Kick-Ass as Big Daddy’s ex-police partner and most recently Ghost from the TV series Power, taking the role of a morally ambiguous criminal who carries himself with the same air of superiority that we can expect from John Stewart.

#5 Chriss Pratt – Hal Jordan


While highly unlikely for a Green Lantern role, I can’t help but imagine how great Chriss would be for the role of a charismatic jokester, Hal Jordan. As we all know he is no stranger to comic book movies as he currently plays the leading role of Star-Lord in the comedy superhero film series, Guardians of the Galaxy, where he plays equally charismatic jokester, Peter Quill.Guess we’ll just have to deal with Marvel having stolen him from us.

#6 Ryan Reynolds – Hal Jordan


Let the rage begin. In my opinion, Ryan wasn’t a bad choice for the casting of Hal for the 2011 version of Green Lantern. Although the movie has gone down in history as the worst DC movie ever it is still worth noting that Ryan’s portrayal of Hal Jordan was spot on as he perfectly reflected the charisma, cheesy jokes and sense of justice possessed by Hal Jordan in the comics to the big screen. Besides just being the most realistic option for the role.

#7 Summer Glau – Jessica Cruz


Summer Glau is also no stranger when it comes to the geek world having a great deal of experience playing powerful women in Sci-fi TV also recently starring in Arrow, she would be a great fit for Jessica Cuz, the ex-military Lantern who now suffers from PTSD and anxiety, while truly a complex character, it doesn’t escape from the fact that Jessica Cruz is an extremely strong woman when it comes to DC Comics, and Summer Glau can bring us just that.

#8 Jessica Alba – Jessica Cruz

jessica-alba-640x360 (1)

With so many roles under her belt, Jessica Alba would certainly make for a good addition as the female Green Lantern of Earth. Disappointing as her role as Invisible Woman may be, she is by no means a bad actress, a character such as power ring Jessica Cruz pre-lantern would suit her perfectly as a hard-line woman unknowingly being controlled by the ring she thought would give her the ability to help the Justice League. Now the power-ring Jessica Cruz is no Lantern but is much more likely to happen in the current state of the DCEU as it’s following a line-up similar to the new 52 storylines.

What do you guys think? Do you agree? Who would you cast as a Lantern for the upcoming movie? Tell us in the comments and follow us on Twitter to stay tuned to more on Geek culture!



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