Overwatch: Doomfist announced and released on PTR

It’s the announcement every overwatch player has been waiting for, the highly anticipated 25th hero to add to the Overwatch cast list, Doomfist, has been announced today, and released on the (PC only) Public Test Realm, where people can try out his abilities and test for how he interacts and works with other heroes.

There has been no announced release date yet, but it will most likely be in the coming weeks, as this time last year, we saw the announcement of Ana, the first hero to be added since the game’s release, so hopefully he’ll be released soon. Although, he’s described as a very “dive-like” hero, and in a meta where every competitive game, in matchmaking and at the top level, has a super-fast pace and is very dive-centered, it makes you wonder why Doomfist was designed the way he was, with much of the community begging for a counter to the seemingly unstopped “Dive comp”.

However no one can say much yet, we’ll have to wait and see! Here is the developer update by the game’s director Jeff Kaplan to give you a brief explanation of the heroes design and abilities:


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