Flashback Feature: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (2013)

So, thirty years and one day ago a game by the name of Metal Gear was released by Konami on the MSX, it was made by a man named Hideo Kojima and it has grown to become one of the biggest franchises in gaming history, and the original stands as a landmark in the medium that changed gaming from being all about the run and gun action to thought provoking story and tense stealth. So, in light of that, today I plan to take a trip back in time to the year 2013, to showcase a game that took everything groundbreaking from Metal Gear and said screw it. Today, I will be talking about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

The game is technically a spin-off from the main MGS series, set 4 years after the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, it follows the character of Raiden, formerly a whiny blonde idiot, now a badass cyborg with a big sword and shiny jaw. This is not the kind of Metal Gear game people are used to, this is a hack and slash action game with a stupidly complex control scheme and a story so strange it makes the rest of the series look a little more normal. In brief, our man Raiden is hunting down a number of very Spanish antagonists from the group Desperado.

Image result for metal gear rising revengeance jetstream sam
Jetstream Sam AKA the most Spanish person to ever be a Samurai

The gameplay is exciting and very fast paced, you leap seamlessly between fighting various enemies and using a mechanic that allows you to gain power from ripping the insides out of dead enemies, you can create massive attacks that tear through enemies like they’re made of paper. Whilst at times it feels like overkill, it also feels deserved, as the game has such complex mechanics that it feels like your godlike power is earned.

The control scheme is very very complex, it relies on slashing your blade at the right moment to ensure that you kill the enemies, it feels at times like quick time events are the main focus of the gameplay, but honestly, it only feels like that in boss fights and other large combat segments, which can be a bit of a let down. But the entire combat mechanic feels fresh and one thing that I do enjoy is that the game, at least once or twice, uses old school MGS stealth, before bursting into explosive action and high-speed combat.

Image result for metal gear rising revengeance gameplay
There are moments in the game where you feel distinctly badass.

The game was developed by Platinum Games, who also brought us Nier Automata and the Bayonetta series, so they’re experts on the whole hack and slash kinda thing. The game also shines on its characterisation, with witty dialogue and likeable characters, which helps when the characters spend entire monologues rambling about the importance of memes. Another strong point is the utterly badass soundtrack, which has enough rock and metal to cause a mosh pit to form just from playing it.

The game feels so unlike anything else seen before in the Metal Gear series and is well worth playing. Metal Gear for the Dark Souls crowd. Although divisive at the time, this game has now blossomed into a true part of the MGS canon and whilst many would rather forget it, I feel it was the freshest thing in the series since it went 3D with Solid. You can get the game on PS3 or Xbox 360, but sadly there is no sign of a current gen release, in part thanks to the whole Konami/Kojima beef that has now lumped us in a world where Metal Gear Survive is a thing.

Image result for metal gear rising revengeance mariachi
We salute you, Raiden. (Yes, this really happens in the game)

For more Metal Gear, you can check out my Flashback Features on Metal Gear Solid, MGS2 and Peace Walker. I aim to create a Flashback Feature to every game at some point in the future, so keep an eye out for that. Happy 30th Birthday to Metal Gear, you played us all like a damn fiddle. Now, you may have seen that we just launched a Patreon! If you loved this article and want to see your name and social media at the bottom of it, along with getting amazing exclusive articles every month, you can pledge to us here and ensure that this site is able to keep it G33k!

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