Deleted Scenes: G33k P0p TV Club #3 (G33k W33k 2017)

Hello! Welcome to G33k W33k! We are celebrating two years of our site with a variety of special events, including this very special “Deleted Scenes” trilogy! This is a short series of articles that were half finished and then scrapped! I have over 100 drafts of half finished articles and so I decided that it would be cool to take some of these articles and release them in their almost finished states! So we kick this off with the lost 3rd episode of our short lived series, G33k P0p TV club. This article was originally written way back on September 17th 2016 and for those who are new here, the G33k P0p TV Club was a series where the G33k P0p team would watch an episode of Stranger Things each week and talk about it together. It was scrapped after 2 episodes, but we did half write the third episode, so this includes the commentary from Argyl and RadicalTey, but is lacking mine. So without further delay, enjoy the lost episode of G33k P0p TV Club!


What was the best moment in this week’s episode? 


My favourite moment of this week’s episode was when Will’s mother was trying to speak to the lights, this scene had some real classic horror moments, and also showed us how the absence of her son was driving Will’s mother slightly insane, which also gave off a classic horror feel.

Radical Tey

My favourite moment was when Will’ mum starts to communicate with ‘something’ using the lights, especially when it tells her to run, real old school terror. I also liked the new insight into Els powers as we see her refuse to hurt the caged cat but then receives he affection she craves from her father by lashing out against her guards.

What moment really shocked you this week? 


I was shocked at the involvement of Will’s brother with Nancy’s friends, I can understand why he was there, but does that mean that he knows something that we don’t?


I was shocked that Will’s body appears to have been found, I really expected to him to either be saved or to return but changed, maybe he still will. 

Which character was the real MVP in this episode and why? 


I think the real MVP was Chief Hopper, his character seems to have changed since we saw him first in episode 1, we seems more determined to discover what’s going on, but he’s still the same character we know.


I think Joyce is the MVP of this episode. Her Close Encounters-esqe determination to build a way to communicate with Will moves the plot forward at a considerable rate and provides a way to explain the over side of the story – we can’t ask the creatures(s) what is going on and El is not communicative yet. I think Joyce will also be important as her reaction to news that a body has been found could take the story in different directions.

How does this episode rank up compared to the previous episodes? 


Personally I really much enjoyed this episode, it really kept me interested, but it just seemed to take a long time to progress from one event to the next due to the constant change of scene.


I think the horror and scare aspects were the best yet but the episode as a whole felt a little slow. 

How do you think the next episodes will pan out? 


I think Will’s mother will discover that Will’s body has been found and identified, and could possibly have some kind of breakdown, as well as this she could possibly become even more important in the story due to her condition getting worse.


Joyce will find out that a body has been found and identified as Will, whether she crashes and gives up or whether she refuses to believe will change how the sporty progresses, I like to think she woun’t give up and will continue to communicate through the lights. Nancy has so far shown sympathy and kindness towards Jonathan, this has been tested by the photos and if she stays friendly towards him she will come under increasing pressure from Steve and their friends.

Any criticisms of this episode?


The episode had some really great moments and events, but it was just a bit slow.


Some stand out moments that will maybe prove to be some of the best of the series but not as exciting as previous episodes, still pretty intense though.


So that wraps up the first scrapped article of G33k W33k! Check back here for more deleted articles, more interviews and so much amazing content! Keep it G33k!


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