Argyl Interviews Discordia (G33k W33k 2017)

Hello, today for our Anniversary coverage of G33k Week we have the third and final instalment of our interview trilogy,  I’ll be interviewing none other than the head of the site, and our boss, Discordia! I’ve prepared him some questions about the site and his interests, so let’s find out more about our resident weirdo.

Have you always been interested in journalism? Before you started the site?

G33k P0p is actually maybe the 7th attempt at doing something like this, most of them are thankfully long lost. But yeah, I’ve always enjoyed this sort of thing and I’m just glad that this time it worked out as well as it did.

What is your main hobby and pastime outside of the site?

Honestly, I have no idea. This site takes up a lot of my life, but I enjoy reading and watching movies. Which ironically is something I do for the site as well. But then again, you know you have a great job when the line between work and a hobby is so blurred.

Where do you think G33k P0p could go?

If someone can find me Elon Musk’s number we can sort something out.

How do you feel knowing that the site keeps growing and that people enjoy its content?

In a word, proud. Proud of everyone who has played a part in it. But also kind of astonished, since I never planned for this to be something people actually read, but it’s become that and so yeah, I’m proud.

How would you describe yourself?

F*cking annoying. (I second this.)

What’s your favourite movie?

Pulp Fiction. Mainly because it’s like a lot of mini movies of so many genres all in one 2 hour epic.

What’s your favourite videogame?

Probably either Life is Strange or the original Metal Gear Solid, since both have such great stories and you get so swept up in the lives of the characters.

Why are you such a weeaboo?

I caught it from a street urchin named ZeroAni

What do you like most and least about conventions?

Best thing is that it gives me an opportunity to meet new people who can further the site, every time I leave a convention, I know that it has pushed the site a step in the right direction. Least favourite thing is probably how much they focus on just being cash grabs now, with endless booths of Funko Pops and fidget spinners, it’s less about the experience and more about opening your wallet for vendors.

How would you describe the other site staff?


Hopefully, you’ve learnt a lot more about our “wonderful” boss and colleague (Kappa). Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out our Patreon and the rest of our Anniversary content!


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