Deleted Scenes: Top 5 Vocaloid Party Songs (G33k W33k 2017)

Welcome to the final of three deleted articles we have picked from the vault to showcase to you all! This time we have a top 5 I wrote during the time I actually cared about Vocaloid! This post is missing any commentary whatsoever on the videos I picked, but all of my other drafts are scrapped for good reason! So let us embark on the finale to G33k W33k, with this last scrapped article! Just to be clear, I do not like Vocaloid anymore, this was a terrible time in my career. Enjoy!

Oh, look! Another Top 5! Has Discordia finally run out of ideas for Feature Fridays? No, I just forgot that I had an article for today and needed to write something really quickly so welcome to the follow-up to my last Vocaloid article! This time focusing on songs that have a real party vibe to them, songs with a good beat and make you feel like you wanna dance! Sorry if this one feels a tad rushed, that’s because it literally was so rushed. So let’s get on with the list!

#5: Senbonzakura – Hatsune Miku

#4: Children Record – IA

#3: See the Light – IA & ASY

#2: Electric Angel – Kagamine Rin and Len

#1: Luka Luka ★ Night Fever – Megurine Luka



Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed this showcase of some of the many drafts I have locked away in my vault and I look forward to showcasing more for you all next year! So until then, keep it G33k!


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