Game Of Thrones Season 7 First Impressions (Spoilers)

So Game of Thrones season 7 has finally come out three weeks ago and now I believe it’s been enough episodes to give my first impressions of the season thus far and give some thoughts on what I think is to come in the seven kingdoms. Beware of spoilers for the whole show up to the latest episode.

Probably the most anticipated TV series of this year was season 7 of GoT, but the first couple of episodes left dissatisfied with the direction they seemed to be taking. That being that the show seems predictable as to what would happen next, it’s quite obvious by now that Daenerys will most likely sit on the Iron Throne, Sansa is going to end up opposing John in some way all the while the white walkers begging their raid on Westeros.

The first episode is probably one the most gripping season openers of the series to date. Daenerys’ arrival at Dragonstone was wonderfully done and Arya’s scene with the Freys was one of the most glorious ways to open up the first episode with. Though one of the most intriguing things in this episode was definitely Sansa’s dissatisfaction with the way Jon rules the North as we can see the effects of her maturity after all she went through at the hands of the Lanisters. While in the South there is tension going on between Jamie and Euron Greyjoy who proposed to Cersei while she also unravels a weapon to counter Daenerys’ Dragons. However, the ending of the episode felt a little bit cliche when Daenerys ends the episode with the line “Shall we begin”, to be honest, this was more than a bit cringe worthy but it didn’t ruin the episode.


Episode two is where things get more interesting but also more predictable. Daenerys has now become this sort of dictator minded person demanding absolute loyalty from everyone which makes harder to like, this progression has been made obvious with her development over the past seasons so it’s not a big surprise. However, this does beg the question of whether she will have a sort of learning experience to where she realises that the way she wants to rule is no better than Cersei. Jon is shown to be able to accept whatever measures and risks to make sure the white walkers will be defeated, as one would expect from his character, as he accepts Daenerys’ offer to come to Dragonstone as he learns that it’s filled with Dragon Glass, used for killing walkers. This essentially made clear that there will be some sort of alliance between Daenerys and Jon. However, apart from Sansa’s hostility towards Jon, there was no sense of threat, no feeling that something bad was going to happen throughout the most part of the episode, that is until Euron takes the scene. He storms the Greyjoy ships under Daenerys’ command and obliterates them, displaying just how badass he is as he cuts down everyone in his way, eventually reaching Yara and Theon, capturing Yara and Elaria sand and her daughter. On the whole, this episode felt a bit rushed, the battle at the end felt like there could be an entire episode dedicated to it and for the most part, there was nothing of great interest happening.


The third episode, however, takes the cake as the best episode so far of this season. The classic wordplay of Tyrion at its best, the witty chatter between him and Jon when Jon arrives at Dragonstone, where the climate is of hostility between Daenerys and Jon. Jon refuses to bend the knee to Daenerys, which makes her at the very least irritated. While Jon attempts to convince her of the impending doom about to befall Westeros, he is not taken seriously, as expected. However, the confrontation of Jon and Daenerys further emphasises how Daenerys is becoming an undesirable Queen as she begins to demand absolute loyalty from Jon and he refuses, all the while I can’t help but imagine Daenerys’ reaction when she learns that Jon is a Targaryen, making this one of the best confrontations in the history of GoT. The very manner in which each is introduced as Missandei proclaims all of Daenerys’ titles, as Davos brilliantly replies with “This is Jon Snow. He’s King in the North”. Now while the meeting was all fair and good, we also get to see Euron arriving at Kings Landing with Yara, Elaria and one of her daughters (I forget her name). Euron presents the Sand Snakes to Cersei as a gift and again asks for her hand in marriage, this time she accepts. Cersei then proceeds to visit Elaria and her daughter in the dungeons only to kill the daughter the same way they killed Myrcella while making Elaria watch as she dies and decays in front of her. At the end of the episode, possibly the most important character, Bran Stark, now the Three-Eyed Raven reaches Winterfell and encounters his sister Sansa, the next episode will probably have Jon returning to Winterfell with good news about the Dragon Glass only to meet with his brother and have his revelation as a Targaryen.


And here we are, waiting to see what this season has in store for us. These three episodes definitely set the stage for a great season of GoT and a massively anticipated build up to the final season. I believe this season will probably focus on Daenerys taking over the Iron Throne and the next season will focus on the final battle with the Night King. Right now it’s quite obvious that the one who will end up in the Iron Throne is Daenerys, as Jon only wants to keep his people in the North safe and independent, the reunion of the Starks is about to happen any moment now and Tyrion is still my favourite character.

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