5 Manga You Should Get Into! (MINOR SPOILERS)

So you’ve been watching anime for a while and now you feel like getting into some manga but you don’t know where to start, well no need to fret, for I have compiled a list of the 5 best manga you should start reading! Now let us get started.

5. Bleach


Maybe not the best critically acclaimed manga but definitely worth a read. I’ve previously talked about how much I love Bleach on an article about “The Big 3” of anime, and this love for Bleach translates to the manga. Although the manga has ended, with somewhat of a disappointing ending, it still managed to get me excited to read every single new chapter and find out just how powerful the main characters have gotten. It follows the Story of Ichigo Kurosaki, a high school kid who has the ability to see ghosts, one night he found himself being targeted by a strange creature where he gains the powers of a fallen Soul Reaper (Shinigami) in order to protect himself and his family.

4. Nanatsu No Taizai


The anime for this manga was a huge success when it was first released, sadly though, the anime never got a sequel, so to fill the void, I found myself reading the manga passionately. This manga has some of the best cast of main characters and an overarching story that will get you gripped. In many ways this sort of plot structure is very similar to works such as Hunter X Hunter, where there are a main plot and side stories that tie together into the main goal of the main character, giving you a fresh new adventure while still solving all the questions the reader has on the way. The plot revolves around Elizabeth, a princess on a journey to find the legendary order of knights turned criminals known as “The Seven Deadly Sins” in order to save her father from the now corrupt Holy Knights only to uncover an even greater conspiracy.

3. Kakegurui


Recently turned anime, this manga has finally gotten the recognition it deserves. The manga revolves around a high school where social status depends on how good one is at gambling. This manga has the craziest cast of characters that I’ve seen in a manga. The main character Jabami Yumeko is a gambling enthusiast, meaning she finds pleasure in having risky gambles instead of a safe game, she enjoys herself the most when gambling against someone who’s cheating, which makes her by far the most mentally unstable character I’ve ever seen while being manipulative and intelligent, so if you have a thing for crazy characters then go ahead give this manga a read.

2. Shingeki No Kyojin

maxresdefault (7).jpg

Breathtaking, that’s the word I would use to summarise this manga. Every single character will move you in some way before they meet their inevitable doom at the hands of the Titans, in this manga, no one is truly safe and the worst possible scenario may very well be how the manga will end, in a sense this kills of characters just like Game Of Thrones, where everyone runs a risk of dying before the manga ends. The story follows the main character Eren, who lives in one of the cities behind a wall that separates the humans from the Titans, a race of giant man-eating humanoids hell-bent on destroying humanity, behind these walls humanity has lived for 100 years of safety but that would soon come to an end as a new threat appears in the form of the colossal Titan.

1. Tokyo Ghoul


And here is the top pic, my favourite manga of all time, the one, the only, Tokyo Ghoul by the great Sui Ishida. Enough with the praise. This is by far the most intriguing manga I have ever read, all the characters have some depth to them and the story itself is not the same old hero’s journey we’re all used to by now, it’s a real tragedy, this manga doesn’t leave any space for a perfect ending, morals are always being subverted and justice is never black and white. Anymore description from my part would spoil the manga so I will let the synopsis do the work for me. Ghouls live among us, the same as normal people in every way, except their craving for human flesh. Ken Kaneki is an ordinary college student until a violent encounter turns him into the first half-human half-ghoul hybrid. Trapped between two worlds, he must survive Ghoul turf wars, learn more about Ghoul society and master his new powers.


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