My Thoughts on: Foxhole

I could safely assume that most people don’t know what Foxhole is, and up until very recently I didn’t either, however, over the past few days this week I’ve given this new game a try, and despite it not being what I would usually play, I’ve been really impressed by what Foxhole has given me. Today, I’ll be doing a short mini-review for indie developer Clapfoot’s new game Foxhole.

What Foxhole gives you is a top-down, MMO World War 2, Strategy experience. Each server has a certain map, containing many towns and resources, where 2 different factions (Colonials and Wardens) will face off against each other in long, drawn-out battles, where the factions will have to capture towns, create FOB’s, run logistics and generate supplies, as well as make pushes into enemy territory, while making sure their own is defended. A lot of teamwork and strategy goes into nearly every move when in foxhole, and it’s not common for even random players that have never met to be working together, assigning each other roles and tasks, giving each other rides to the front and so on. It really has a great sense of community when you play, even when you play solo, which I thought I wouldn’t enjoy after my first Foxhole experience was playing with friends.


The real appeal of Foxhole is that there are so many things that need doing for your team to be successful, but it’s not a struggle most of the time, it’s not a stressful experience. If you don’t fancy running sabotage missions into the enemy backline or trying to wade out into the wilderness to build an FOB, you can do scrap runs, run logistics or transport players around the map, small little things that make it enjoyable to play even without a party of friends playing with you, which is really great as I did initially have my doubts if playing without my friends (whom one of is very skilled and smart when it comes to strategy) would be any fun at all, and it was, even when I didn’t know too much about the game, there were plenty of things I could do. I am not a big fan of these kinds of games, I’ve played RTS before, but almost every game I play nowadays (except for Foxhole) is an FPS, or at least first-person, and I really surprisingly I enjoyed Foxhole, without the praise my friend gave it when he tried it out, I would’ve either ignored the game or not have been notified it existed. But there really is something for everyone in this game, the teamwork/strategy element is very strong within Foxhole, yet you don’t have to be a master tactician, or a great team-player, obviously it’s preferred, but it can really be whatever you make it to be. It can be a great gaming session with friends, it can be a fun, relaxing solo experience, or it can be an intense team game full of strategy and action, there are so many possibilities.

With the early access release on steam, tank combat was added. Credit:


Foxhole is definitely highly recommended by me, there’s something for everyone, the gameplay is great fun, and it’s such a unique and great little idea by Clapfoot, a really well made game.

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