MCM London 2017 Event Roundup

Last weekend, I and Discordia had the pleasure of covering the massive event that was MCM comic con in London for two days, along with over 100,000 other guests (seriously the event this yer was huge). From the DC Comics booth to the Transformers 5 exhibits and all the way to the outside Fringe Festival... Continue Reading →

A Collection of Cosplay #5

Hello and welcome to the long-awaited 5th instalment in the Collection of Cosplay Saga! In the time since we last did one of these, there have been many more conventions to pick the finest cosplays from including SDCC, HyperJapan, AnimeExpo, LFCC and more! As usual, we have done our best to credit everyone so click... Continue Reading →

Welcome back to the one of our most popular regular features, today we have some of the finest cosplay so spotted over the last two months to share with you! We have also made an increased effort to credit as many cosplayers as we can and have included links to them that can be found... Continue Reading →

Welcome to the third instalment in our epic cosplay journey! Today we take a look at some of the finest cosplay from the last few months! If you would like to be credited please say in the comments below, now let's jump into the cosplay!                  You can now send your submissions for Colletion of... Continue Reading →

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