The Crew 2 Announced by Ubisoft

The Crew 2 has been announced by Ubisoft by E3, and from the look of it, The Crew is looking to expand the roster of vehicles you can take control of, going from just cars in the original release, to adding bikes and monster trucks in Wild Run, to the new inclusion of new cars,... Continue Reading →


New Wolfenstein Game and More Revealed at E3

A new Wolfenstein game (The New Colossus) has been announced with an 8 minute trailer at E3! The game follows resistance fighters in a nazi controlled America. The game releases a lot sooner than many expected, with the confirmed release date being October 27th this year! Also at Bethesda's presentation we saw VR versions of... Continue Reading →

Anthem Given Gameplay on Xbox One X

We've just been given a gameplay on the Xbox One X, which looks amazing so far. In the game you and another player are "freelancers", taking control of Javelin Exo-Suits, with their own different playstyles and abilities that allow you to traverse the hostile open world. The world is very dynamic and ever changing, as well... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Announces Xbox One X at E3

Microsoft has just announced their newest addition to the Xbox family, with the new Xbox One X. A bunch of new exciting features have been announced and they could pave the way for the next generation of gaming. Firstly announced was complete, full 4k resolution, accessible to every user, even giving a next generation look... Continue Reading →

EA Originals Announce “A Way Out”

Right now at E3, EA announced their newest title from their indie game publisher EA Originals. It seems to be a local co-op game about two brothers in a prison, with the idea having a huge focus on partnership. The game claims to have only split screen co-op. The game features a lot of gentlemen with nice... Continue Reading →

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