TF2 “Jungle Inferno” Update Released

The new Team Fortress 2 update has finally arrived, not too long after the 10 year anniversary of the game we've been blessed with the "Jungle Inferno" update. Similar to previous event/updates such as "Love and War" and "End of the Line", "Jungle Inferno" has given us the addition of new maps, both community and developer... Continue Reading →


Mind Games: Why We Play

Discordia's Note: "Ladies and Gentlemen, please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the G33k P0p Team, our wonderful new games writer RyanH!" At face value, the appeal of gaming is clear. Giving an accessible way to step into the shoes of any person or situation imaginable, and the choice to bring friends... Continue Reading →

Overwatch Contenders Season 1 Roundup

While Overwatch Contenders Season 1 is still going on right now, we're currently heading into and the clear favourites in the tournaments have been called, and we can definitely tell who is out. So join me here for a quick roundup of the recent events of Overwatch Contenders Season 1 in NA and EU. Starting on the North... Continue Reading →

New Overwatch Animated Short Released

Just now at Gamescom in Germany, Blizzard Entertainment premiered and released their new animated short, named "Rise and Shine". It's one that everyone was guessing about, and due to a recent leak, a lot of people were expecting a "Mei" animated short. This is exactly what we got, not to spoil anything but the short... Continue Reading →

My Thoughts on: Foxhole

I could safely assume that most people don't know what Foxhole is, and up until very recently I didn't either, however, over the past few days this week I've given this new game a try, and despite it not being what I would usually play, I've been really impressed by what Foxhole has given me.... Continue Reading →

Overwatch: World Cup Roundup #1

Hello, and welcome to this little roundup of the events at the recent Shanghai qualifiers for the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon later this year. As G33k P0p's resident Overwatch esports nerd I'll be taking you through the events of last weekend, and what's due to be happening this weekend in Sydney (So there are a... Continue Reading →

Is a “Meta” really a bad thing?

In a lot of games, specifically multiplayer games where there is a lot of diversity in the weapons/characters/abilities that you can use, there is normally a meta, which defines who you should be playing and how you should be playing them. A meta is almost always considered a bad thing, especially by the people who... Continue Reading →

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