“Esports is not Glamorous for Anyone but the Top 1%” Wingblade Talks Dota 2

Two years ago, Pepijn "Wingblade" Lamers made a post on the Dota 2 subreddit, detailing his desire to become a professional player. Eventually deciding to postpone university for a possible later date, he committed his time to playing Dota every day in order to improve himself and make it to the top. He has since... Continue Reading →


Argyl Interviews Discordia (G33k W33k 2017)

Hello, today for our Anniversary coverage of G33k Week we have the third and final instalment of our interview trilogy,  I'll be interviewing none other than the head of the site, and our boss, Discordia! I've prepared him some questions about the site and his interests, so let's find out more about our resident weirdo.... Continue Reading →

ZeroAni Interviews Argyl (G33k W33k 2017)

Hello, everyone. It's the moment you've all been waiting for. For the anniversary coverage of G33k W33k, I have interviewed none other than our favourite games writer and one of the bosses, Argyl. I have here some very special questions for him which will hopefully provide you guys with some wisdom from one of our... Continue Reading →

G33k P0p Interviews Operation Supply Drop

Discordia interviewed Raymond Whitaker who is the COO of the amazing charity Operation Supply Drop, they send out games and consoles to veterans and wounded troops in hostile environments. If you are interested in supporting the amazing work they do then check out the links at the bottom of the article.   So since 2010 you... Continue Reading →

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