My Thoughts on: Foxhole

I could safely assume that most people don't know what Foxhole is, and up until very recently I didn't either, however, over the past few days this week I've given this new game a try, and despite it not being what I would usually play, I've been really impressed by what Foxhole has given me.... Continue Reading →

Code Geass Anime Review (SPOILERS!)

Code Geass is an anime that has sparked a lot of discussion inside the anime community with its famously ambiguous ending. Recently, however, discussions about the anime began once again with the recently announced season 3 and movie coming up this year. So I thought it was time for me to talk about my favourite... Continue Reading →

Flashback Feature: Iron Man (2008)

Hello and welcome to the glorious return of something you guys have been wanting to see again for a very long time, the Flashback Feature! Along with restructuring the site, we have given new life to the flashback feature, by expanding it from just gaming to anime and movies too! So to commemorate the return,... Continue Reading →

What Suicide Squad 2 Needs

Now if we go back in time a year, everyone remembered the hype around DC's Suicide Squad, the soundtrack, the cast, the characters, it was set to be the blockbuster of the summer, and yet, it, wasn't really. Now of course I didn't mind the film too much, but I don't speak for everyone, and... Continue Reading →

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