Meet The Team

Discordia: Head Editor

Favorite Movie: The Jungle Book (2016)

Favorite Game Franchise: Metal Gear Series

Favorite Anime: Is The Order A Rabbit?

Favorite TV Show: The 100

Favorite Quote: “Snake? Snake! SNAAAAAKE!” Everyone Ever (Metal Gear Series)

Joshtie: Writer

Favorite Movie: Mad Max: Fury Road

Favorite Game Franchise: Fallout

Favorite Anime: Death Note

Favorite TV Show: American Dad

Favorite Quote: “The thing about happiness is, that you only knew you had it when it’s gone” – Kellogg, Fallout 4

Sandpaper: Writer

Favorite Movie: Spy Kids

Favorite Game Franchise: Borderlands

Favorite Anime: Assassination Classroom

Favorite TV Show: N/A

Favorite Quote: “I can’t imagine a world without Light” “That would be rather dark” Misa & L (Death Note)

AnimeReviewGirl: Writer

Favourite Movie: Fast and Furious Series

Favourite Game Franchise: Cooking Mama

Favourite Anime: Sailor Moon

Favourite TV Show: Pretty Little Liars

Favourite Quote: “It’s called a hustle sweetheart” Judy Hopps (Zootopia)


RadicalTey: Writer

Favourite Movie: Labyrinth

Favourite Game Franchise: The Legend of Zelda

Favourite Anime: Kill la Kill

Favourite TV Show: The Mighty Boosh

Favourite Quote: “We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars” Oscar Wilde


Cyrus The Wolf: Researcher/EOC

Favorite Movie: Cabin in the Woods

Favorite Game Franchise: Myst

Favorite Anime: Death Note

Favorite TV Show: The Office

Favorite Quote: “Pray there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space, ’cause there’s bugger all down here” Monty Python


DigitMiss: Livestream Technician

Fave movie: naruto and the crescent moon kingdom

 Fave game franchise: Mario

Fave anime: Assassination classroom

Fave TV show: Big bang theory?


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