We Launched a Patreon!

Ladies and Gentlemen, do you like G33k P0p? Do you want to help us continue to make the content you love reading and we love making? Then you can get some amazing perks and exclusive content if you pledge to us on Patreon! With your help, we can get a .com domain, pay our slaves writers, and... Continue Reading →

Code Geass Anime Review (SPOILERS!)

Code Geass is an anime that has sparked a lot of discussion inside the anime community with its famously ambiguous ending. Recently, however, discussions about the anime began once again with the recently announced season 3 and movie coming up this year. So I thought it was time for me to talk about my favourite... Continue Reading →

Is a “Meta” really a bad thing?

In a lot of games, specifically multiplayer games where there is a lot of diversity in the weapons/characters/abilities that you can use, there is normally a meta, which defines who you should be playing and how you should be playing them. A meta is almost always considered a bad thing, especially by the people who... Continue Reading →

Flashback Feature: Iron Man (2008)

Hello and welcome to the glorious return of something you guys have been wanting to see again for a very long time, the Flashback Feature! Along with restructuring the site, we have given new life to the flashback feature, by expanding it from just gaming to anime and movies too! So to commemorate the return,... Continue Reading →

The Crew 2 Announced by Ubisoft

The Crew 2 has been announced by Ubisoft by E3, and from the look of it, The Crew is looking to expand the roster of vehicles you can take control of, going from just cars in the original release, to adding bikes and monster trucks in Wild Run, to the new inclusion of new cars,... Continue Reading →

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