What Suicide Squad 2 Needs

Now if we go back in time a year, everyone remembered the hype around DC's Suicide Squad, the soundtrack, the cast, the characters, it was set to be the blockbuster of the summer, and yet, it, wasn't really. Now of course I didn't mind the film too much, but I don't speak for everyone, and... Continue Reading →

MCM London 2017 Event Roundup

Last weekend, I and Discordia had the pleasure of covering the massive event that was MCM comic con in London for two days, along with over 100,000 other guests (seriously the event this yer was huge). From the DC Comics booth to the Transformers 5 exhibits and all the way to the outside Fringe Festival... Continue Reading →

Far Cry 5 Reveal Trailer Released

The reveal trailer for the upcoming 5th game of the award-winning Far Cry series has been released. The trailer promises a lot of insane action, along with a plot that seems to be as insane as it is bordering on creepy. The game releases in February 2018 and seems to be set in rural America, with some... Continue Reading →

The Current State of E-Sports

While E-Sports is still unknown or uninteresting to many, especially those with no interest in video games, it appears that the industry is growing and growing, and hopefully will continue to do so in 2017. Today we're going to look over what is causing the industry to blow up like this, and what big events... Continue Reading →

Injustice 2 Mobile Review

Injustice 2 mobile is exactly what one should expect from a mobile version of a console game. It's complete with shiny new graphics and a very simplified, though sometimes unresponsive, control system. And most of the times it works well. It is worth mentioning however that this is a free-to-play app and there are in-app... Continue Reading →

6 Must Watch Underrated Anime!

It is no doubt that anime has grown a lot ever since the classics such as InuYasha, Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh!, One Piece etc. Though these anime have been the ones to bring anime to a brighter spotlight, we now have fan favourites that are known across the fandom. However, despite being a massive medium of... Continue Reading →

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