Same Old G33k, Brand New P0p

G33k P0p is undergoing some pretty huge changes in the next few days, which means the site is essentially closed for maintenance and updates, and there won’t be any new articles for a little while. Don’t worry though! This means that when we make our glorious return, the site will be bigger, bolder and more exicitng than ever before.

Led by our “Core Team” of staff, this revamp of the site will ensure that our main focus is you guys, the community. We aim to interact with you all a lot more to make sure that we create nothing but the content you really want to see. This will bring G33k P0p back to what it was intended to be when it was launched almost 2 years ago. It was something fun, we did it to make people happy. It wasn’t something we did just to get bigger and not something we did just for the fame and audience.

So bear with us for a little while, and we promise that what we become on the other side, will be amazing. But until then, keep it G33k!



Co Founder of G33k P0p